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    Wing Commander 4 Mod package

    I just had a chance to install this and play the first few missions. Wow! The WC4 ships have never looked so good in game! The modders and modelmakers are to be commended. Chalk up my vote for a WC3 & WC4 port.... :) Thanks guys, made my weekend.
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    REQUEST: Voice acting!

    Tolwyn: Do you still need voice actors? I may have some time this weekend to record some lines, but it's been some time since the original voice requests went out.
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    Labels, Press, and Progress

    This is excellent news, since it will expose WC Saga to a huge group of people who otherwise may never have heard of it. I really do hope EA sees this as a sign that it's time to do something with the Wing commander franchise again, and develop a new game. (hopefully having the Saga team...
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    Prologue Released!

    Just curious, will it be possible to taunt enemy fighters to goad them into coming after you?? :) (instead of whatever else they are attacking)
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    Prologue Released!

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! This is what wing commander 3 should have been. The attention to detail is amazing. Of course I am left with wanting more-- aka the full release. :) Guys, if EA ever makes a wing commander title again, they'd better call your group first. THANK YOU for making...
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    WingCommander 2 Voice pack whereabouts

    I was just looking on "evilbay" and I found several copies of wc2 deluxe on CD for around the $10usd range. Unless you are someone who is looking to get the speech pack as a collectors item, I'd agree with the others--cheaper/easier to get the wc2 cd. One final thought, didn't the speech...
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    new here--question re: contacting ea

    You have a point. I remember a time (mid nineties) when there were a lot of space sim games that I liked, only to see games I liked being replaced by sports games or more FPS. Still I am very encouraged by what the WC community has been producing for mods. It just blows me away that people...
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    new here--question re: contacting ea

    Hello all: I've been a lurker for a while now, been keeping an eye on the ongoing WC projects and such. I have a question for those who know more about this than myself: Is there a contact we can write to at Electronics Arts (either by email or snail mail) to express an interest in...