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    Fave Ship?

    I'd have to go with the Hellcat, since it has the speed and maneouverability and still has firepower, or, alternatively, the Excalibur for the added firepower (despite its lack os maneouverability). While flying around in a nimble arrow is nice, it's rather pointless when all you're doing is...
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    Am looking for Prophecy Gold and Secret Ops source code

    Is you have a spare USD300,000-USD500,000, Electronic Arts would most likely be willing to discuss the release of the WC1 or 2 source code. With a royalty fee for it's use as well, I would bet :) Generally speaking, Electronic Arts are a company that very rarely licenses its source and/or...
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    CIC Hit By Bandwidth Crisis (October 30, 2004)

    You must have a hell of a lot of bandwidth available if you're suggesting files of that kind of size :) Actually, Some of the albums there seem good - the WC FM one is real good quality as I remember it, but for some reason the quality of the WC2 album is, well... woeful by comparison. Any...
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    Privateer 1: Last mission

    mpanty, anything that Kris might be able to twist and completely take out of context is considered breaking the rules if he doesn't like you. Don't worry, I get the same treatment.
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    How much of a difference did it make?

    Hmm, yeh, come to think of it... WC4 major choices the come to mind would be: 1. Pilot in bar - Wether you get the cloaked transports location later. 2. Pliers - cloaking device ("Make me invisible, Pliers") 3. Hawk/Panther - Civillian or Military mission sets 4. Sosa - Decision to go...
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    How much of a difference did it make?

    Morale is probably the most noticable with Catscratch. Good morale will give him more confidence and better judgement... Bad morale gets him shot down pretty quick. It does affect pilots skill, judgement, courage, willingness to follow orders, and one or two other things.
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    A Proper Petition

    sif you'd use those dodgy img emoticons :P
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    Supdon, it's kinda like a (stupid) girl in my TAFE classes who keeps asking me "Can I ask you a question?" :P ... like those plebs on IRC, who just ask "Can somebody please help me?". :D Zor, that depends on what country you're living in :)
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    The biggest problem with WCP

    Nakamoto also stated that the aim of Prophecy was to move away from the FMV/storyline dominated style and to have a game more sided towards the actual interactive/game part of it. He wanted to eliminate as much of the storyline as possible. Apparently (according to him), that's what the fans...
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    I'm new here, and I'm glad to see a WC community

    Kris, but we never see it, so we don't know, which is my point. Neither do you, or anyone else. No proof, only assumptions. "Some topics have been debated to death". But there is no conclusive evidence.
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    A Proper Petition

    Of course I did. Didn't you see the smiley at the end :)
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    SecretOps Website

    Yeh, admins will bust ya for that, the'll insist that Origin don't allow the episodes to still be distributed, even though they've taken absolutely no action
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    A Proper Petition

    I certainly hope you wouldn't send it with all those typos/spelling errors in it... (expletive... wtf is an explicative :)
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    I'm new here, and I'm glad to see a WC community

    I always thought seeing that end scene, Blair deserved to die if he was stupid enough to just pause for a few seconds when he saw some stuff dripping down from above without looking up. Course, we don't know for sure tha he's dead, for all we know he blasted the crap out of that bug (A 'la...
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    Privateer 1: Last mission

    A friend had a US import of Chrono Trigger, but I could never get into it. Loved Secret of Mana, but just couldn't get into Chrono Trigger. Guess it didn't have anough of that Fantasy style ... although, I always hated Final Fantasy too - I guess it was more like FF than Secret of Mana, Secret...
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    Allegiance question...

    Preacher, why mod a game when there are already at least two in development who have intentions of adding multiplayer functionality. (IE: Why use a mod when you have something purpose built)
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    RE: RE: Enoch Murkins?

    Clippy? I hope you don't mean that stupid paperclip in MS Office :P
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    I finally created my webpage!

    Dak, I see a site with lots of images, banners, and leaked HTML... I guess you could call that simple :/ Simple pages can be good, so long as the backgrounds dont stuff them up.
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    Getting Win98 to ACKNOLEDGE my boot disk.

    First thing to do is check in the BIOS that the boot sequence is something like A:, C: or FLOPPY, HDD-0 or something similar. Make sure it checks the floppy first. Heh, so Kris beat me by about 90 seconds :P
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    Fast Movies

    The mentioned fix usually works, though in some cases (like mine), the major movies will still break up, not being too fast, but too slow, as though its not buffering. ;/ And don't worry, I've tried all acceleration levels for sound, so must be something else, I guess :(