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  1. capi3101

    A message from John Rhys-Davies. 21st March 2020.

    Don't know if y'all have seen this or not; figured some of y'all might like to hear from Paladin his own self.
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    It sure took long enough...

    ...but the missus has finally agreed to let us upgrade the home box (on account of the old one giving up the ghost a few months back and with the Heinekenphage raising the need for additional terminals in the house). Last time that happened my eldest child was still crawling. Ideally, I'd like...
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    CCG Trades?

    Howdy, y'all. So this past week I received a 12-pack of starter decks from the CCG - 6 Confed and 6 Cat. After sifting through those decks this afternoon and adding the ones I didn't have to my collection, I'm still 61 cards short of a full set. That's about 80% - not bad overall but I'm still...
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    Starflight III Fig Campaign

    Good morning, y'all. Er...whatever time of day is appropriate. How about I just go with 'howdy' and be done with it... Those of you who are older might remember a game called Starflight, and maybe its sequel Starflight II: Secrets of the Cloud Nebula. I know I've mentioned them a time or two on...
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    WC2 Script?

    Hey, does anybody know where I can find a script for the introductory scenes of Wing Commander 2? I've seen the one from the game's pitch; I'm looking for the one that actually appears in game. Had an idea...
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    Morning all, So as I've said recently elsewhere on these boards, my son has been watching me play through the original Wing Commander these last few weeks and he's really gotten into it. He's also been playing Wings of War lately and he's been doing pretty well with that game to; he's even...
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    Permission to Use Art from Standoff Website

    Hey all, Today I've decided to begin the process of contacting some folks whose artwork I'm currently using in Chapter 7.2 of the Elegy campaign for formal permission to actually use it. At the moment, I've got images of ten craft (the Clydesdale, Hornet, Raptor, Sabre, Hermes, Gladius...
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    Pilot Error

    Hey all. Since (as predicted) I still haven't got a box capable of firing up any portion of Star Citizen, I find myself having to live vicariously through those of you who can play Arena Commander on a regular basis. That mainly involves watching videos of the game on YouTube. As an avid player...
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    X-wing and TIE fighter coming to GoG

    Hey y'all - this was trending on Facebook this morning, thought I'd mention it for those of you who haven't seen it yet.
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    Contact Info for Former Aces Members

    Greetings, y'all. I'm currently in need of contact information for one of the members of the former Aces Club, Kevin "Phoenix" Scholl. I've had a request to generate WCRPG stats for a number of his designs, and while I don't think he'd mind letting me doing one or two the request is for a...
  11. capi3101

    Still Alive

    Hey all, they reported a shooting on the OU campus a little bit ago; that's where I work. Just wanted to let y'all know I am still mostly alive. Not a lot of news filtering in to the dungeon, though.
  12. capi3101

    Looking for Kilrathi Taunts

    Hey all, Simple request this morning: does anybody out there have lists of taunts used by the Kilrathi? I have the WC3 shooting script so I've got those covered, but I'm lacking the ones from the other games. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. capi3101

    A Revised Discussion of the Kilrathi Language

    Howdy, y'all. Long post ahead. Back in 2009, forum member WCX began a discussion with the purpose of breaking down the meaning behind the fragments of the Kilrathi language that have appeared in various sources of WC canon (including the games and novels). That particular discussion, entitled...
  14. capi3101

    "An Elegy for Sivar" - WCRPG Campaign Discussion Thread

    Afternoon, gentlemen. The proofreading of Enyo is well underway at this point and I figured it was high time to begin a discussion of Elegy. I've pretty well settled on the notion that this will be a campaign wherein the characters are Kilrathi, set in Epsilon Sector from mid 2680 to very very...
  15. capi3101

    Next WCRPG Campaign

    Well, I'm just about done with Vespus - a few notes here and there, add the interlude texts and then it's proofreading time. To be honest, I'm not wholly satisfied with it... Anyway, as I mentioned in today's update I'm beginning to give some thoughts as to what I want to do as far as the next...
  16. capi3101

    Between Mission Texts

    Howdy, Saga team. If I were to ask one of y'all really, really nicely, could I get one of y'all to PM me the between-mission texts? Nick was nice enough to send me the character bios from The Darkest Dawn and I've been slowly converting them into stats for WCRPG. I'm doing okay with the data...
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    RSI Site Switchover

    Hey y'all. Not sure if this will hit the CIC front page news today or not, but today's the day that RSI is switching over to their new site. They say all the forum messages will stay intact but you'll lose any PMs you may have had, so just wanted to make sure y'all had a head's up on that...
  18. capi3101

    Darkest Dawn Plot Summary?

    Morning, all. I was wondering this morning if there was some kind of plot summary available for "The Darkest Dawn", or if someone could give me a quick rundown of the campaign's sequence of events. I'll probably be working on the pilot group from "Prologue" today for WCRPG's Who's Who and...
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    WCRPG Combat Demo

    Morning, all. Er...afternoon, to try and figure out what to say when you've got folks on a forum from all over the world. Let's just go with howdy. There. Nice local colloquialism. Anyways... Two weeks ago I received the following PM from Sinclair: ---- Hello, I was an old...
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    WCRPG: Vespus

    Good evening, all. It'd figure that I'd be slogging through WCRPG's proofreading and come up with an idea for another miniature campaign. The thread kinda says it all - a campaign centered around the action over Vespus in the wake of the Battle of Earth, prior to the start of WC3, the action...