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    Wingman responses

    Is there a description of the different wingman responses you receive in games? For example, WC3 if you tell Cobra to "attack my target" versus telling Vagabond. I tried using the search tool on the main page but did not have any luck.
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    Look of wcnews

    Has wcnews ever looked different? I have been visiting since the mid-2000s and it has always had this look. But I was curious as to if it ever had a different look, such as in its early days.
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    Re-watching original Battlestar on MeTV

    I've been re-watching the original Battlestar Galactica on MeTV and this Saturday will be the first part of the two part "The Living Legend" with Lloyd Bridges as Commander Cain. For some reason I keep picturing Lloyd on the bridge of the Pegasus acting like he does in the Airplane movies...
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    Saw Vagabond last night in an episode of MacGyver

    I was watching MacGyver on MeTv last night and I saw Vagabond. Francois Chau was playing a bad guy in an episode that had very little of MacGyver in it and instead focused on a pair of brother bounty hunters. This made me look up the actor and see what else he's been in that I have watched...
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    Purchasing new laptops

    I have not bought a computer in six years am looking for some advice. I would like to buy two new laptops, one for myself and one for my wife and I am having some trouble deciding on how much we need. I will be using one of the laptops to do some work at home in MS Office, and to do some basic...
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    Do any confederation fighters/bombers have copilots?

    Do any of the confederation fighters or bombers have copilots? Someone who sits behind or next to the pilot like a radar or weapons officer on current two seat aircraft. Also, don't some of the heavy fighters or bombers have turret gunners?
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    My visit to the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Tx

    In September while on vacation in Texas I visited the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas. Being able to see this ship and take time to explore it was the highlight of the vacation for me. The ship is full of exhibits and information on the Lexington herself, aircraft carriers and naval...
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    Star Wars IV A New Hope question

    I watched Star Wars IV-VI this past week and while I was watching a New Hope I noticed something. In the first part of the movie when Luke is living on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle he seems very interested in the Rebellion and wants know more when C3PO mentions it. He also wants to help...
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    Computer question - Windows message

    My wife recently received her new laptop and was using internet explorer on it last night. When she went to a website she visits periodically a message popped up saying that the "website had detected a virus on her computer" or something to that effect. She immediately shut everything down and...
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    X-box live ids and passwords

    I recently changed my password associated with my xbox live id on my computer. I turned on my xbox 360 expecting it not to be able to log in and having to update my password there too. Instead the xbox 360 appeared to log in fine. Does the X-box 360 not use a password to log into live? Is...
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    Battlestations Midway

    Last night I tried playing Battlestations Midway online for the first time and I remembered how much my gunnery stinks. I have trouble figuring out where i need to aim to hit the enemy ship consistantly with my guns. If the ship is moving towards me or towards me and diagonally I try to lead...
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    Star Trek DAC

    Has anyone played the Star Trek DAC game on Xbox Live? Is it fun? Are a lot of people playing it online?
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    Xbox 360 memory cards

    Can you copy your profile onto an Xbox 360 memory card? I tried last night and the only options I had were to move my profile or delete it, there was no copy option. I was able to copy a game file fine though. I used the same process for both, but there was no copy option displayed with the...
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    Xbox 360 unable to read game disk

    Has anyone else had an issue where their Xbox 360 has problems reading a specific game? My Xbox seems to have a lot of problems with the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, more than any other game. I received my first copy of the game last Christmas and the surface of the disk is scratched and...
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    Ace Achievement

    Can you get the Ace achievement in a ranked duel? I know you have to get five kills in a ranked match without getting killed yourself, but I was wondering if you could do it in a duel as long as its a ranked match or if you have to do it in a match with more than one opponent.
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    XBLA game Undertow free to download

    In case people haven't seen this yet, Major Nelson has announced on his website that Microsoft will be allowing players to download the XBLA game Undertow free of charge next week in an attempt to make up for the difficulties many players experienced over Christmas Break...
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    Team killing

    Can another player who is on your team in Arena kill you in a team match? Or can they kill their own capital ship in a capship match? I was playing a couple matches last night and there was a player who would switch teams and try to do this. First he did it in a capship match, switching to...
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    X-box live

    This question doesn't directly have to do with Arena, but it does have to to with X-box live. I hope maybe someone with more knowledge of x-box live can answer this for me. Yesterday afternoon and today I have been unable to connect to X-box live. I have run the network test multiple times...
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    Arrows in WC3N

    One of the posts in the thread about the "Killer Bees" squadron made me think of this. In the Wing Commander 3 novel, the Victory is described as having four squadrons, a Longbow squadron, a Thunderbolt squadron, and two squadrons of Arrows, there are no Hellcats. When Blair is reviewing the...
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    From the archive here at the CIC I know there were a couple of alternative scripts for Prophecy, but I was wondering if there were alternate scripts for any of the earlier games? If there were, do we know what the differences were from the final games we all know?