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    don't you think they overdid it

    in the ending of wc4 where tolwyn addresses the assembly, we get our first pair of choices just before blair enters the conversation: 1)Careful, fools rush in. 2)Seize the moment! We all know the correct choice is 2 but i think 1 should turn out differently. I mean you should still lose...
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    what did actually happen in wing commander 3 and 4?

    in both these games, we have the option in most dialogues to decide upon what we will say. in wc4, if you dont save catscratch(deliberately) and then go talk to sosa, blair says that he had punched a friend in wc3, which kinda means that THAT is what actually happened and not that blair chose...
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    peace on earth?

    I don't know if anyone can answer this, but do you know what is the earth's status militarily during the war with the kilrathi and during the alien invasion? I mean, are there still wars on earth? It is clear that there ARE countries on earth, it's not one big country(at least that's what the...
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    hobbes and blair

    i have thought about this quite some times and i wonder. do you think that hobbes has any feelings for blair? i mean, do you think he at least appreciates that blair always stood up for him? or was he just pretending? and only doing spy duties. cuz in the discussion with blair about the behemoth...
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    What if?

    Let's suppose that Origin released a new WC. What if it was not interactive like 3,4 and 5 but like Freelancer, where you dont have actors but "robots" trying to pretend they are real. Personally, i hated Freelancer, it tried to match Privateer but it's much worse. NO VIDEO(unless you call that...
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    WC3 Gutting sequence

    i don't know how many of you have noticed, but in the bad ending sequence in WC3 where blair gets gutted by thrakath, you can see someone holding blair's feet!!!!!!!!!! i have to say, i was a bit let down by this piece of bad directing, but nothing's perfect, hehe :D
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    breathing in wing commander:P

    ok, another rather strange question. in wc3, the place where ships land(Flight deck) seems to be "open" to the universe. how come ppl dont die in there? And before someone rushes to say they have created technical atmosphere, i will say i would accept this notion, only if the Victory and...
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    WC skill level

    i know i may sound ridiculous, but am i the only one who cant play WC(3,4,5) in a level higher than Ace. even in the ace level it's almost impossilbe to complete some missions. i remember the search and destroy mission in WC4(in Circe) was just "impossible". although it's merely dogfighting, i...