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    WC1/2 Launch Sequence Inspiration

    I recently obtained a few DVDs with WW2 era navy aircraft training films and documentaries. I was watching one about offensive fighter tactics, and the following sequence jumped out at me. The first part looks like WC1 and the second part with the actual plane launch is just like WC2. Is it a...
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    Catscratch Appearance...

    Tonight on CSI, everybody's favorite newbie suckup wingman made an appearance as a Buddhist monk. Yet another thing Mark Dacascos has been in. Just thought you junkies for that sort of thing (like me) would be interested.
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    WC2 Manual

    Does anybody know where the full WC2 manual can be found? I know where the claw marks one is, but I can't find the WC2 one. Thanks.
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    Concordia Schematics

    I'm looking for high quality pics of the Concordia for making models. I would like schematics (like blueprints-side, top, front, etc. views) or good perspective views. (No WC2 gameplay screenshots please. I already have those and they don't help anyway.) P.S. If you have this sort of...
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    Secret Ops Episodes

    Well, I finally got around to getting Secret Ops. (Yes, I know it's been a few years, but I finally had the patience to let it run, plus the use of a download manager.) Anyway, I am in need of the separate downloadable episodes. Does anybody know where I can get them, or better yet, can...
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    WC Movie on Sci-Fi?

    I seem to remember hearing that the movie will be on the Sci-fi channel fairly soon. When exactly will that be? Or, if my memory is wrong, let me know.
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    Modeling Ships with TrueSpace 4.0

    Does anybody have experience using TrueSpace 4 (or any other versions of TrueSpace) to make models of fighters, etc. I'm looking for general tips on how to get started making ships in terms of primitives, etc. Any help anybody has would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fighting Style

    What is you guys' fighting style? Do you do a lot of technical flying with rolls and more advanced maneuvsers or just turn and shoot. Do you like to get close in and pound with guns or long range missile shooting. Are you good at precision deflection shots? Post here. Personally, I only...
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    Hey guys, I am new here. Just wanted to let you know I am around.