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    Pushing the envelope

    Ever since playing Prophecy and then some other space sim games, not to mention watching BSG, a more complex flight engine using greater physics would be a nice addition to a WC game. Granted the flying on rails setup is needed for a broader audience, every now and then you're in a sticky...
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    Conquest Frontier Wars

    This game came up in conversation between Frostytheplebe and myself the other day and thought I'd throw it out there for everyone else. Being a product of first DigitalAnvil, then published by Ubisoft, you couldnt help but think of WC with the mix of corvettes, battleships, carriers, and...
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    BSG seasons 60-70% off!

    In case any one has put off buying BSG on DVD (such as myself), Amazon is running a crazy sale on all seasons currently. I just purchased 1, 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4, and 4.5 for about $120 with shipping :eek:. Even the complete box is going for 50% off, not trying to pitch it but it's a helluva bargain.