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    Grand Theft Auto 2 for Free

    Rockstar is giving GTA2 for free. I think it's around 353mb. Enjoy and happy downloading. :D
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    Flight Stick for PS2

    Just wondering if someone tried WC3 or WC4 on the PS2 with one of these flight stick. or . It says it's compatible with all flight games for the PS2, but the WC games are for the PSX. I know PSX...
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    Freespace 3?

    A little news on action trip . --------- Derek Smart wants to develop Freespace 3 [Uros "2Lions" Jojic] 10:56am(GMT) Anonymous writes "Derek Smart has announced his intention to buy the Freespace game rights from Interplay, and develop Freespace 3. He stated so in a forum thread on...
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    Need a girlfriend?

    I found this on another board. It's funny and kind of pathetic at the same time. Here's the link and some info. Imaginary Girlfriends Tired of your friends and family telling you to get a girlfriend? Want to make that certain someone a little jealous? Need a confidence boost? Just...
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    WC for Commodore 64?

    I don't know if someone knew about this. I found this on eBay. Wing Commander for the C64. It's not by Origin, but a 1984 game by Creative Sparks (H.G.J. Ellis) and distributed by THORN EMI Computer Software. I found a screenshot somewhere and it looks like the first version of flight...
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    Free Game: Elder Scrolls: Arena

    Got this from ActionTrip: As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the release of the first game in the Elders Scroll RPG series, the boys and gals at Bethesda have released the game that started it all, Elder Scrolls: Arena, as a free download. It's a Dos game and about 9mb. I don't...
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    New DosBox version 0.61

    For those using DosBox to play old WC games (WC, WC2, Academy), there is a new version out: 0.61. It may correct a few bugs here and there. Like in WC2, the bug where you could not create a new player because of a text problem. Yay! :) Get it at:
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    Info: How to play WC1, WC2, Academy in Win98 XP

    Found a little thing. It's some guides (pdf), that shows how to setup and install WC1, WC2 and Armada to play in DosBox, so you can play in windows 98, XP, BeOS and Linux at full speed and sound. :cool: Tried it and it works fine for me. Here the link for the guides...
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    Missing image in forum

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm always missing the quick reply image. I tried to reload it and refresh it, but the image isn't there. Anybody got the same problem?
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    WC1 for Pocket PC

    I just found this: PocketDos. It's a dos emulator for the PocketPC and it's suppose to run WC1 on it. I didn't try it, because I don't have one. I don't know if it's too slow or too fast, but they have a small screenshot on their page.
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    Work for Origin

    I just recieved this from gamasutra. If someone get a job at Origin, try leaking the WC source code to us, OK? ;) Electronic Arts / ORIGIN Systems, Inc. -- Austin, TX, United States - Lead Programmer - Client Programmer - Lead Artist - Graphics Engineer - Database...
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    25 dumbest moments in gaming history

    There is a nice article on Game Spy with the 25 dumbest moments in gaming history. It's kind of funny, unless your name is John Romero. :D Here's the link:
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    Hi everybody, There is a preview of Freelancer and some new screen shots on Gamespot (Dated nov. 6th) . Here's the link:,10869,2896874,00.html
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    WC - the Novel

    Hi. Does anybody know if Wing Commander the Novel is out of print. I have ordered it from over 2 months ago and every 2 weeks, they send me a message that the delivery will be delayed for another 2 weeks. I have ordered some books, many of them WC releated and never had problem before...