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  1. Sheppard

    WING HARD (Difficulty Adjuster, WC1/2)

    WING HARD version 1.5 (Hosted on my site as CIC won't let you attach 3~ MB ZIP Files. This is an outgrowth of previous research into zeroing out asteroid damage: Link This program lets you fine tune WC1 and WC2 (GOG releases) difficulty to what you feel is correct. Basically, I programmed in...
  2. Sheppard

    Privateer File Documentation

    Location: PRIV.TRE Location II: \DATA\TYPES\WEAPONS.IFF Desc Contains the data for the weapons in game in two byte format. Offsets are: TORPEDO SPEED 131 TORPEDO DAMAGE 137 HS MISSILE SPEED 175 HS MISSILE DAMAGE 181 DF MISSILE SPEED...
  3. Sheppard

    Zeroing out Asteroid Damage in WC1/2

    Just what it says on the tin. I can play WC1/2 like old days, but the asteroid fields...ugh. They move too randomly and crazily for me to bother with them; but if you skip them, mission scores aren't high enough. Yes, I could just enable the various cheats such as invincibility "wc.exe Origin...
  4. Sheppard

    Corrupt/Missing WC2 Special Ops Disks :-(

    A long time ago, I bought WC2 Special Ops 1 and 2 in a combo pack for I think $19.99 from the CompUSA that was at Federal Plaza on Rockville Pike. It was awesome. Then around 2000-2002; I cleaned out my old computer stuff, and tossed a lot of boxes and 3.5" / 5.25" disks that I had kept up to...
  5. Sheppard

    Origin Pricing Guide circa???

    Check out those prices, man! A 12.9 MB version at 300 DPI saved with TIFF/ZIP lossless compression has been sent to loaf's address for archival purposes.