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  1. Wolfman

    WC1 Colour Ribbons image

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has colour images of the ribbons as awarded in WC1? Or a guide as to how they are placed on the uniform jacket in WC1. Thanks :)
  2. Wolfman

    Wing Commander RPG

    Hi guys. One thing to start with is I remember an rpg I saw online about ten years ago that was based around Privateer but I cannot find it now, probably deleted I guess, but I am hoping that someone may have the information from the rpg or know where it is online given my poor attempts to...
  3. Wolfman

    WC3 Blues

    Alright WC3 installs fine and all is good, untill it comes to the joystick, I've got drift to down-right, USB Wingman Extreme, please if anyone can think of a way to solve this let me know.
  4. Wolfman

    WC TC for XWA

    Ah guys whats happening with the WC TC for XWA? I'm really keen to find as many OPTs as possible but the going is tough. Does the TC have a new website, is it cancelled? If not where can I get the OPTs for it?
  5. Wolfman

    Priv on an old 486

    I've got the Priv CD and try to run it in dos and it all goes ok except that when you fire guns / missiles it locks for a couple of seconds. How do I fix that?
  6. Wolfman

    Sorry to interupt LOAF but...

    LOAF could you provide some sort of timeline for about 2660 please? I would like to know what happened then as it is vital to an RPG group. Also some details of systems in the Enigma Sector. If you can that'd be great :) [Edited by Wolfman on 07-15-2001 at 23:41]
  7. Wolfman

    Other Aussies

    Just wishing to see how many other Australians are around on the WC:CZ? Also do any of you play RPGs, for WC or whatever?
  8. Wolfman


    Does anyone have this Prophecy map I keep hearing about on the internet? It would be very usefull to have a copy on hard-drive. Failing that are there any map sites around on the net?
  9. Wolfman

    Now don't go postal with this

    After watching the movie (a while back) and a few times after, I still feel as if it changed the series , history etc far too much, and didn't have the 'feel' that WC1 had. I'm probably in the minority here but thats my view. Please feel free to challange this (thats the point of the chat...