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  1. Eder

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    A patch is now available via the launcher's auto-update system. If you have it enabled, just start your Standoff launcher while connected to the internet and follow the directions to install the patch. The file is only available via the auto-update system right now. Here is a list of issues...
  2. Eder

    Website update, june 19th

    Here's this friday's news update:
  3. Eder

    Website update, June 12th.

    This week, we even have a new screenshot!
  4. Eder

    Website update, May 22nd

    This friday's news update is mostly about a feature we hope to never make use of. :p
  5. Eder

    Episode 5 release date announcement

    Here's this friday's news update.
  6. Eder

    Website update, April 3rd

    It's friday again already!
  7. Eder

    Website update, March 20th

    Here's this friday's update:
  8. Eder

    Website Update, March 13th

    Here's this friday's website update:
  9. Eder

    Website update, Feb. 20th

    Here's this friday's progress update! Not much to report, and no new screenshots... just spoiling you guys with weekly updates as promised.
  10. Eder

    Website Update - Feb 9th, 2009

    Here's our latest news update... and a commitment to make them more frequent from now on, because we've really been slacking in the news updates department (moreso than in the progress department, thankfully :p).
  11. Eder

    Website Update - December 15th, 2008

    Here's our latest website update, with accompanying screenshots!
  12. Eder

    Website Update - Nov 23rd

    Seeing as how this is the first time we have new screenshots since... forever... I guess this update deserves its own thread. Here's me with the news. :p
  13. Eder

    Happy new year, with a website update!

    I ended up writing too much for today's website update, but Standoff tradition means I have to quote everything here... so, behold, a whole lot of text!
  14. Eder

    Standoff splashes as wallpapers!

    Due to popular demand (*cough, Wedge, cough*), I'm releasing all of Standoff's splash screens as wallpapers... that is to say, without the text which was overlayed on them in Standoff. They are fairly low res (1024x768) since that was the highest resolution Standoff supported until Ep 4... but I...
  15. Eder

    Episode 4 release date announced!

    It's half past midnight and I get up at 5 am, so I hope you guys don't mind if I just copy-and-paste from the website update this time. Standoff's fourth episode is coming... September 26th, 2007. ...Though to be honest, this one will be a little close. :p Things are getting really close to...
  16. Eder

    New batch of screenshots!

    ...this is the last time I use absolutely spectacular screenshots to make up for the lack of a release date announcement! Promise! :p Since Pedro's openGL renderer made the game fast enough to handle more detail, I went and started adding new effects and extra detail wherever I could (time...
  17. Eder

    Website update, August 18th

    So, I've updated the website again today to officially show off all the progress that's been made in the past couple weeks, and to let you all know that we are very close to a release date. This is also the formal announcement of who the new beta testers are (adding two new names to the credits...
  18. Eder

    New starfields!

    Well, I don't know about Ep4, but here, have some Freelancer-esque Space Disco screenshots: (We are experimenting with the high-res cube-mapped nebula feature that Pedro showed in his video as a way to display better starfields... these are obviously nowhere close to being final...
  19. Eder

    New cockpits!

    I came up with a couple of new cockpits last week and imported them into the engine today. We're now close to having a unique cockpit for each flyable ship, so that's probably what I'll end up doing (but probably not in time to get them all before Ep 4... there's 4 or 5 to go). Anyway, I'll just...
  20. Eder

    Standoff needs testers

    Yep, we need testers. Our current ones are too busy and Ep 4 has reached a point where what it needs the most is testing. Apply here, tell us if you have any beta testing experience, how much time you would have to play the game, what times you are usually online, what timezone you are in, and...