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    wing commander fashion

    Hey I'm just trying to guage interest in having some wing commander themed clothing. Not like the cic clothing. I'm talking about modern fashion with some wing commander themes.
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    Star Adventure 4010!

    The year: 4010! The mission: Star Adventure!
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    CIC's birthday

    On behalf of the UE team, I'd like to wish the CIC a happy fifth birthday. I hope everyone liked the UE gifts :)
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    How to get into WCZone

    Firstly, download Continuum 0.38 from After installing, in the zones menu, click "add custom". You can call the Zone whatever you want, I suggest "Wing Commander Zone" in the IP address field type: in the port field type: 5800 Click ok and return to the...
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    WCZone relaunch

    Hey. Some of you might remember WCZone, the wing commander subspace mod. Chris recently posted about it here. Subspace is freeware and requires very few resources to run. For those who don't know, Subspace is a top-down 2D massively multiplayer space combat game. The only catch is with...
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    anyone having any trouble getting on craplink lately? coz I have been.
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    Screenshot utility that works in dos

    I'm looking for a screenshot utility that works in dos, more specifically, Wing Commander 2 deluxe. Anyone know of any? Freeware is preferred, I don't go for the cracked stuff.
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    I'm the first!

    Yay, I'm the first to make a thread here. now, do tell, is this the Freelancer mod or something else?
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    Homeworld 2! I think I'm gonna drown in my own drool :o A homeworld game done by Relic :)
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    a little help please

    Hey there's this guy in my friend's youth group. He attempted suicide with a shotgun and is in intensive care as of a few hours ago. If anyone feels like praying, please do.
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    WC: Unknown Enemy has been released!! go download it now!! :)
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    I still haven't got my patches

    what happened to them?
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    everyone is in for a shock

    hehe...looking over the screenshots section of the UE site... it looks so CRAP compared to the real thing :) how I wish I was allowed to post screenshots... but where's the fun in that? :p Seriously, this thing rocks so much. I think it's just really professional. I can't wait to hear...
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    WC2 deluxe CD installation problems

    When I attempt to install WC2, it asks to specify which drive to install from. The options are: A, c, d The only option that it recognises is A (maybe that's why it's capitalised). Can anyone help me?
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    WC ships

    Okay, this might be a bit inappropriate, but here goes. If any of you have played Subspace, you will know that you can make shipsets and use them in the game instead of the default ones. I really don't have the experience or knowledge needed to make these, but maybe someone does. If anyone here...