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  1. TC

    Kissing Shipgate's Ass

    This is the thread for Kissing Shipgate's ass. Please begin now. Thank you.
  2. TC

    Neat features! Yippo!

    I'm not sure if Yippo's a word, but it's fun
  3. TC

    Crap. Help, broke it.

    Okay, off to bed... ever so tired.
  4. TC

    Finished list

    Yay, misleading thread title!
  5. TC

    Operation: Sunflower II

    I wanted an Operation something and I'm too uncreative to come up with a new name. As such, this will do. Yay for everyone being able to read the titles of threads that were last posted.
  6. TC


    Here's a drawing of my basement that I made to send to one of my friends on MSN when I was trying to describe it. I'm posting it here because we need more AHCZ posts. As such, you should all draw your computer-y area.
  7. TC

    Merry Christmas

  8. TC

    I must complete the subject

    Hey, look... Something Awful reviewed Princess Maker 2. It's like we're back in whatever year we all played that in...
  9. TC


    For those who didn't notice, ace updated the CIC today. We are all very proud of him.
  10. TC

    Auxiliary Port Closet

    Here's the link to the picture so you don't actually need to read IRC logs. (TC) it'd be great if ports were physical..... and to connect to stuff on the internet you had to plug things into them... you'd be like a switchboard operator. "Now connecting IRC with port 6667 (Ka-Klick)"...
  11. TC

    Last second ahm post!

  12. TC

    Happy AHM... I think...

  13. TC

    Silly Metallica

    Mkay, so I bought the new Metallica CD (yeah, everyone can shut the fuck up, I like Metallica :( ) and there's a password for an interweb site. On this interweb site is this banner. This banner confuses me, as it seems contrary to previous Metallica related messages. Maybe they're...
  14. TC

    Some guy

    Here's a picture of some guy I found on my computer:
  15. TC

    Greetings Wing Commander Saga

    Welcome to the CIC Forums
  16. TC

    I found it :(

    You lied to me through Private Message... I hate it when you do that :(
  17. TC


    Hurray, new Stargate. That is all.
  18. TC

    Star Wars Galaxies

    Who here is in the Star Wars Galaxies Beta?
  19. TC

    Happy AHM!

    Someone fix AHCZ so I don't need to post this stuff here! I was too lazy to make proper looking smoke, so this is what you get! Have a "Happy" ace's Happy Month
  20. TC


    I decided I'd just post this in a sticky for any casual people who've been trying to visit #wingnut recently. I've noticed a few who have successfully gotten onto DALnet, and been very confused because there are few people there. A couple of months ago, we moved off DAL (theoretically...