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    Can't upgrade cargo hold for Orion?

    As I remember from the original the cargo hold for the Orion can be increased from 50 to 75. I can't seem to do this with the remake with the stock Orion ship.
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    About the tractor capability

    I understand that the auto tracking allows the guns to hit targets with a direct target sighting but what does the tractor capability do? How is the tractor capability different from the a normal tractor beam?
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    You can't buy shields for the demon?

    I can't seem to buy any shields for the demon. My inventory doesn't show my ship is equipped with shields, yet when I go and fly in space my hub shows I have shields. Are shields built into the demon?
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    I heard you can buy talons and demons but I have checked I can't find a station that does this.
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    The point of having 5+ shields/reactors?

    What's the point of selling reactors and shields that are greater than 5? I have seen shield 4 level 8 and reactor level 8 on the market. The Orion is the only ship that can accept a level 5 and nothing higher.
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    Your favourite WC ships?

    Edit: Information found here:
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    How does the repair droid work?

    I bought myself an advance repair droid but it doesn't seem to repair the damage to my ship. I would receive damage my armor and hull and yet I still I have to pay for repairs when I dock. How do I make the droid work?
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    Best graphics settings to use?

    I have a Geforce 2 MX video card and I wonder what are the best settings to use get the best visual effects. Here are my settings so far: Video: Very High Detail Optimized: Display List PerPixelLighting: Reflective Lighting Resolution: 1024x768 Colour: 32 bit What does...
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    Radar Colour Code Doesn't Work?

    In the original Privateer the B&S Omni could detect all the different types of objects. Red=Enemy Blue=Ally Yellow=Missle Cyan=Jump Field Brown=Cargo White=Nav Point Gray=Base I was able to buy the B&S Omni, the best radar and the only two colours it detected was red=enemy and...
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    Harder to get better weapons/ships?

    I notice that mining stations, agricultural worlds and refineries only sell the merchant ships. I only found the Orion and Centurion on New Detriot. Is this done on purpose? I also can't find a station that sells the high grade weapons like the Tachyon and Plamsa gun and better radars...
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    Editing the save file

    How do I interpet the information in the save file? I want to go and change some of the factors for my stats. (Eg. Kills, Credits, etc.) Is that possible?
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    New HUD Target Images

    For the New HUD Target Images, do they enchance the hub images for the Privateer Remake 1.0? I installed the files and I didn't see any difference.
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    Enslave/Free Slaves, Hitchhikers

    I'm not clear on the concept of enslaving and freeing slaves. In the original game if you use your tracker beam to pull in a pilot, you can automatically sell the pilot as a slave at the market. So how does this work in the remake? If tracker beam a pilot into the ship what do you do...
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    Is Righteous Fire in the remake?

    Are the Righteous Fire (RF) missions and RF ship upgrades in the remake? Do I have to finish the original missions first in order access the RF upgrades? Or can I buy these RF upgrades in the original missions?
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    What was the first Wing Commander game you played? I remember the first Wing Command game I played was Wing Commander II on my 386 with just the PC speakers. Eventually I did get a 8 bit sound card later on and I was knocked off my feet when the character started to talk! The game was...
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    Thoughts on the new nav map

    I have to comment on the new nav system. The symbols representing the planets and jump gates look very large and chucky---like playschool shapes. It was not a wise decision to use white texts on light grey buttons because it makes it impossible to read. I have to admit the original nav...
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    Difference between the armor and hull?

    For the ship there are two features that can be improved: the armor and the hull. What is the difference between the armor and hull? In the original game you could just purchase armor for the ship and that was it.
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    Where's the PDA?

    In the original privateer there's a PDA where you can access it on the stations. At the start you could create yourself a callsign. In the game you could view your cargo, credits and save/load game. What happen to this in this remake?
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    High Res = Small Screen

    When I set to a high resolution 1024x768 I get a small screen size when I'm inside a space station, or world. The colour is set at 32bit full screen. The screen is normal size when I'm in space. How can I make the screen larger at a high resolution?
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    Displaying IP Addresses

    I just notice on these forums that the IP addresses for each member are displayed openly. I don't think it's wise to have the recorded IP address displayed like this for security reasons.