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    turning ratio / kilrathy a bit to crazy???

    Gemini Gold has much better AI flight models than PR 1.x, and you can play without the need of autotrackers on guns or missiles (a good thing, as they are not availble in GG). The Kilrathi are still tough in a Centurion with only tachyons.
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    How to kill Demons in Gemini Gold?

    There is a big discussion about this over at the Vega Strike PR 1.2 boards. The mission and tactics are very similar between the two versions. Try this link:
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    How to kill Demons in Gemini Gold?

    I see my post was somewhat unresponsive to the actual topic about how to kill the demons in the Oxford mission, but was rather a ramble on how to kill them in general. The demons in the Masterson mission seem to resist the head-on attack with you and concentrate on attacking the drayman. In...
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    How to kill Demons in Gemini Gold?

    It seems no hostile can resist the initial and frequently subsequent head-on attacking runs. With the shields you have in the GG Steltek Drone Campaign, facing these ships head on for any length of time can lead to a badly crippled and helpless ship. Exploiting the above irresistible...
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    Help required concerning RF

    Lynch is in the Pyrennes system on the mining base there. If you have killed Governor Manesch, he'll clear your record with everyone except the Retros and the Kilrathi the first time for free. After that, he'll clear it anytime for 200,000 credits. When he clears your record, it makes all the...
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    Are cloaking devices available in Privateer?

    I was able to get it prior to starting any campaign. Makes the game too easy, except to travel through asteroid fields quickly when you simply want to go from Point A to Point B.
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    Harder to get better weapons/ships?

    It's done on purpose, as in the original Privateer. Try Perry Naval Base for all the weapon upgrades needs. Buy your ships at New Detroit early in the game, as you've discovered. The game is all about exploration and discovery .
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    PR Versus Origin's Privateer map discordance

    First off: I've played and helped beta test 4 or 5 previous betas versions and pre1.0 versions, and after a short vacation away from Gemini space I came back to the Official v1.0. It has been a masterful job - a great improvement even from the most recent pre-release. Thanks. One persistent...
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    Need help with csv

    Centurion with 4 Tachyon cannons and 40 photon torpedoes. Make sure you have 'Autotracking' weapons enhancement on all guns and the missile mounts. The torpedoes will actually guide to the enemy ships at relatively close range similar to the guns. The mission shouldn't be too tough. Stay...
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    Dockable Drayman and stuff.

    You said it, hellcatv. Keep the mods and imagination going, spirit. I doubt anyone will get upset by having too many options or choices in how they might want to play this great redone game. I hope there can be an archive of mods to download, rather than needing to scroll through the message...
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    Dockable Drayman and stuff.

    Maybe there should be consideration for creating and releasing changes available as official or unofficial mods, such as "Weapon Speed Mod", or "Dockable Cap Ship Mod". Privateer Remake would be what it was seemingly initially meant to be; a remake of the original Privateer/RF as close in...
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    Broken Easter Egg (or not?)

    Playing v1.0pre4 and I just finished destroying the Steltek Drone. No mouse problems or freeze ups noticed during jumps throughout the campaign with exception of one 40 second freeze, and one total lock-up during jumps. A few minor problems, (such as automatically jumping to Blockade Point Tango...
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    Aversions against the new mission board, big time

    My recollection of the original was the more jumps you had to make for most any mission, the more the mission paid. Also the guild missions generally paid at a higher rate than the standard missions. Bounty missions offered by the Merchants Guild paid the most of any missions you could find. I...
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    WIN XP and Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS

    I just received a fully loaded Alienware PC to replace my aging 2.2 Mhz PC that I still had configured for WIN 98SE. The Pre-Release Privateer Remake v1 ran fine on my WIN 98SE PC with no conflicts. With Win XP and a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard, I'm having troubles with Pre-Release v1...
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    Another Pre-release

    Hey hellcatv: If your still needing some pre-release testers, give me a link. Send to SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Thanks.
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    Priv Devel Ver report

    Page 90 in the manual, under 'Quick Key Guide' still lists the [p] key to do what the [y] key now does.
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    Priv Devel Ver report

    Thanks for the info, hellcatv. Especially good to have such a logical pause key, now. Did I miss the re-assignment of keys in this version? I thought I read through the manual again to make sure I caught changes prior to posting something as a problem. Sorry.
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    Priv Devel Ver report

    The volume problem is fine. I was pressing the wrong key sets. Like many "bugs", the problem is with the PC operator and not the software code. One potential bug I've noticed and forgot to bring to your attention: In this version pressing the [p] button, to target the front view target...
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    Priv Devel Ver report

    I get beautiful stereo base music. I could barely believe it when I first heard it. I re-try the volume control on the keyboard. Personal observation: The RF Campaign is way too great to be considered an Easter egg; more like a herd of Easter bunnies with 144 marshmallow chicks, all...
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    Priv Devel Ver report

    I have had similar observations as previously posted, running only RF Campaign so far: 1) Music overpowers sound effects in space. Don't see anyway to alter this balance of music-effects balance as previous versions. 2) All 4 RF Goodin missions present the audio and printed words of...