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    Yet another "What if" missile thread

    What if... 1)A fighter was flying head-on into a DF and was close(up to 3-5 hexes)? Considering the speed of the missile, would he be able to make an evasive action (banking probably)? Since the missile is way faster, would he able to make it? (Similar goes to when the missile would be right...
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    To die or not to die?

    During normal skirmishes, it doesn't matter if the player dies or ejects. But during campaigns, it could play some role. How should we do it?: 1) When a fighter is destroyed, the player's pilot always ejects 2) Whenever the player feels like he could get destroyed the current turn, he could...
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    Collisions idea

    'Cause it looks like we're running out of things to test (yeah, I'm also bored right now), we should try to think up things to make the game a little realistic, shouldn't we? I concentrated on collisions: Whenever two ships end up in the same hex (or !maybe! even cross their lines of...
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    Few questions about rules

    1)Chaff Pods - Now there's a -1 penalty for chaff success if the missile is coming from a side arc. But is there a penalty if it's coming from the area where the side/rear arcs overlap (dark orange are in Firing Guns)? 2)Are there two "dodge" roll if a ship remains in asteroids at the end of...