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    An announcement...

    Way to go! Best wishes to you and all of our other troops everywhere.
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    Returning from 3rd mission

    Open the save/load screem from the mission computer. Then hit quit in the lower left corner.
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    Problems with Savegames

    Uh-oh. That's not good. Which version are you playing?
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    privateer is still nothing compared to First Encounters

    Never tried First Encounters. I'm downloading it now. I'll give it a whirl, than come back and let you know what I think.
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    Mercenary guild render, mining base model

    Brad's right. The Remake itself should be as close to the original as possible. If you want extra stuff, get the WCu patch. Now, in my opinion, it's a lot more fun with all the WCU features than without, but that doesn't mean I try to push those features into the Remake itself. As for the...
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    privateer is still nothing compared to First Encounters

    Thanks for the *helpful* comment.
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    Incredible battle...

    Ooops. Was uninstalling pre5, and accidently deleted screenshots. I do the dumbest things sometimes...
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    Incredible battle...

    Will do (but not right now, too busy. As soon as I get a free moment).
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    Incredible battle...

    I took about twenty, and I'm trying to upload one, it says it's too big! Help...
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    Quick starship question....

    Go to "My Fleet" at the purchase ship screen, select the ship you want, then hit "Buy". It'll charge you 6000 to have it transfered to your current location (unless it's already there).
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    WCU files moved!

    How 'bout this: Make infantry cargo. Give each civ its own infantry. Then when you want to assault a base, you pick up a load of infantry from a base of a hostile (that is, hostile to the base you want to capture, but friendly to you) civ, fly to the enemy base, and unload the troops. Then the...
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    Incredible battle...

    Yes! Please do...I want more.
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    Incredible battle...

    I though I'd tell you guys about this really neat battle I had today. I was in Junction, flying a customized Demon, when the jump to 199CE flashes bright blue. I look up, and there are sixteen Pirate Draymans in the jumpoint. (Gulp.) Now, the Pirates hate my guts. They spot me, and start...
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    You know you're a privateer when...

    When you get up at 7:00, get on the computer to play Priateer, get off at 9:00 'cause you have to go somewhere, get back at 4:00, get on again 'till you have to leave at 5:30, get back at 11:30, and the first thing you do is get on the forum and post in this thread...I'm addicted to the Remake...
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    Please put WCU related comments here

    Okay, I had a fun time. Started new game, hacked in my money, and set out to explore the universe. It is awesome. Flew up to the ..., bought cloaking devices for my Demon and Orion, and bought a Dralthi. Spent the rest of the day flying around in the Dralthi and playing at being Kilrathi. Blew...
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    Remake Manual

    So, is it availiable for download?
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    Buying Maps questions....

    You know, if you want to skip map-buying, go to . Just download and print. Enjoy!
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    Ship buying and other questions...

    Well, which one's faster?
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    YAY! I'm done!

    Yahoo! I can hardly wait to give it a shot! Downloading now...
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    New Bug

    Is there any way I can stick 'em together? i.e, have my cake, and eat it too? ;)