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    Privateer Remake 1.1 README

    The readme included in the 1.1 release is not complete due to the fact that it was still be compiled while the 1.1 release was being packaged. Below is the complete 1.1 readme...
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    ATTN: John Cordell - HUD images

    None of the HUD images I see in-game (1.1 beta) have thinner lines than any of the others. Here are screenshots I took while playing (1600x1200):
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    work begun on new HUD wireframes

    Original Drayman (quadruple size) New Drayman New Drayman (double size) New Drayman in AutoCAD
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    fuel - for Shutterbug

    Shutterbug posted in a locked thread: I 'm sure there is. This is open source software, and I'm pretty sure Spirit has given the Drayman in WCU fuel for 10 jumps. Why was this thread locked with a simple "No."? It doesn't break forum rules. It is not inflammatory. There is nothing wrong...
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    1.0 Screenshots!

    Get 'em while they're hot. :) (click the pic)
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    I don't know how the autotracking code works, so I don't know if this is easy to do or not: Would it be possible to turn autotracking on and off in flight? Taking long-range shots becomes rather useless when your guns spray everywhere but straight ahead.
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    new pics

    New screenshots at My favorite
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    sun sprite still funky

    1.0Pre5, no patches This happens randomnly - some systems it's there, some the sun looks fine. The same system can look fine on one visit but look like the above the next.
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    problem with damage MFD

    1.0Pre5, no patches I came out of a jump and this is what my damage MFD looked like: After the next jump all was well:
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    Militia Paradigms?

    1.0Pre5, no patches Quite the firepower for a local defense force...
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    Revisions to the manual

    It look s like a few of my previous edits somehow dissapeared, and there are a few new things. Section 5.2 Change "This manual was written to the Windows version of Privateer Remake" to "This manual is written for the Windows version of Privateer Remake". Change "please forward that...
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    Manual download problems

    About 9 out of 10 times when I download or view the manual, it is completely messed up; misaligned tabs, missing bookmarks, and images and text ovelapping:
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    that's not a pilot

    pilot has space salvage 3D model?
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    problem with sun sprite

    Pre5 New Detroit system
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    tractor beam

    Is my tractor beam suppossed to look like this in Pre5? If so, why the change? The original tractor beam was blue.
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    Sreenshot location

    When I press "i", where do my screenshots go? I've been poking around in the Vagastrike directories for a while, but I can't seem to find any images... I must continue my publicity screenshot quest. :)
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    Pre5 troubles

    Intro Cutscene... SWEET. But only if it works. I installed Pre5, and set up the options as usual. - 1024MB RAM - Display Lists - Medium Difficulty - Sound and Music - Blurry Bases - Extreme Detail - 1600x1200 - Reflective Per Pixel Lighting - 32Bit Color Fullscreen - No Mouse -...
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    request if 3D cockpits are implemented

    To the devs: If you guys ever put 3D cockpits into the game (not renders, but 3D models where you can look around), I beg of you to implement TrackIR support if possible. IF you know what TrackIR is, awesome. If not, I will be happy to post a detailed explanation. And if you want to wait...
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    virtual memory

    1.0 Pre4 I was flying from Pentonville to Troy, flying Tayla's second mission. When I jumped to 119ce, the usualy loading delay kicked in, but nothing else ever happen. After twiddling my thumbs for about 90 seconds, I got a Windows dialogue box about how I didn't have enough virtual memory...
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    respawn issues

    The ship 3D model is still sometimes misplaced on respawns , just like it was in 009b.