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    My friend and I just finished testing out his new Wii. I must say, I was originally turned off by the new control concept. I didn't think they could really pull it off without ruining the fun of video games. After two hours or so of playing Wii sports (the one game that comes included) I must...
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    Ugliest Ship

    Since I've been here, I have seen plenty of threads filled with people arguing about the best ship in the WC universe. However, what about the ugliest ship in WC. I'd have to go with the Broadsword myself :) , but what do you guys think?
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    Cap Ship Shields

    After playing WCP, I have begun to wonder how the shields on Cap Ships work. It seems that the only way to penetrate their shields is through the use of torps, but why is it that the guns on the ships are not shielded. Even the light guns on a Tigershark can quickly take out all the guns on...
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    Where to get Secret Ops

    I recently got Prophecy for Christmas, and now I want to get Secret Ops, especially to play all of the fan made Secret Ops mods. However, I cannot find out where I can download Secret Ops from, and was wondering if someone here could point me in the right direction.
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    Ship Speeds

    I've often wondered what was with WC ships and how darn fast they go. In the games, you're dog fighting, going several hundered kilometers per second :eek: , at that speed, you would be going way to fast to even see the other guy before you hit them. Also, you would never be able to land head to...
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    Purchasing Advise

    Um, I'm new here and am not sure if this is the right spot to spot this, but I'm sure someone will set me strait if it isnt' . Anyway, I recently saw a copy of Wing Commander The Kilrathi Saga on ebay and was wondering if it would be worth buying. I know it is an older game, so I don't even know...