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    Missing scene, not (yet) available on site

    I would like to offer a WC3 missing scene that I noticed is not yet available in the CIC download section. It's the missing part from the argument Hobbes & Cobra had were you can choose who's side you take. P.S. : I used ePSXe to run the game on PC & captured the scene with Fraps. If Tolwyn...
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    running WC3 PS1 on an AMD athlon XP 1,6 GHz

    Hello, I've thinking of buying WC3 for Playstation for it's higher quality FMV's. But can someone tell me if it's even possible to view the FMV's from the PS1 version without a playstation? :confused: Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Video Cutscene Skipping on UE

    I've started playing UE, and encountered the same video cutscene skipping as in WCP, but turning directx sound acceleration off doesn't change anything on my PC & HCI's video patch is only for WCP. UE doesn't use the 2 files in the zip. :( Does a similar patch, but for UE exist? (I already...
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    Happy 7th Birthday, CIC

    Congratulations with your 7th birthday ! I wish you another 7 years (at least ... 70 years is ok too :D ) P.S. : Everyone post your congrats here
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    Super Wing Commander in France for sale

    I saw this when I was looking for the demo again. If any French WC fans want the complete game : It's only 4 €, but I'd ask for a picture (to make sure it's an original CD)
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    Original WC3 video tapes?

    Does anyone know if the original recordings of WC3 survived somewhere ? The video quality in the game was sufficient for a 14" screen, but on a 19" or higher nowadays... it really needs to be remade! If the original tapes (it was recorded on video tape) still exist, maybe a HQ remake is...