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    Wing Commander: Prophecy - The Movie

    I just finished making this for myself, thanks to GOG and of course this excellent website. It runs 147 minutes long and was made in MPEG-2 (DVD) format. Was wondering if... 1: People are interested in it, I can throw it up on youtube 2: If it's OK with wcnews that I do so, since I used the...
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    Save Stargate SG-1!!!

    If you've never seen the show, WATCH IT! SciFi is currently showing new episode at 9PM on Friday nights. Check your local listings. Whenever possible, watch it LIVE, don't DVR it. Watch and support Stargate: Atlantis as well, it's also a great show. Also, sign this petition...
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    Short little TCN Infoburst edit...

    Just did it for fun, messing around with my editing software.
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    Secret Missions music?

    I am not seeing the Secret Missions prologue music on the music DL page. Is it on there as another name, or is it just missing? If it's missing, I could import it onto my computer from the SNES version I have... (It's an awesome song that no complete WC soundtrack should be without)