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    Fleet Operations Question

    Been a very long time since I have posted. Been playing alot of Standoff and Saga lately and I was going to pick up my own WC RPG again. Now me being impatient I don't want to wait until I get back to the United States to get my printed copy I finished two years ago. All of my books and...
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    RIP Gary Gygax

    A sad day for tabletop RPers. I think tonight I will be picking up a D20 and thank Mr. Gygax for helping to create a game that has led to nearly 20 years (at least for me) of fun and imagination. Rest in Peace.
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    Of Draymans and Clydesdales

    Hey fellow wingnuts. I have a question about WC1-2. I have been working on a Wing Commander RPG over the last year or so (have actually finished two different drafts of, about to do the third cut) and I was wondering about transports from the first two games. I can only assume the...
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    Noob with most likely a stupid question

    I wanted to try Standoff, but I could not find my Secret Ops Disc, so I downloaded from the first mirror on your site. Downloaded it, unzipped and installed it, but when I try to run the game, I get a crash immediatly, when I bring up an error report I get this...
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    Can't remember the name of this game...

    Any of you games play an old PC game (I used to play in my old Commodore 64, though I did get a updated vermision for my Amiga 500) play a group settlers on a planet, called Irata (atari backwards), it was a multiplyer game where the goal was to buy up land and make it profitable, through...
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    Weird stuff

    Any of you guys ever watch movies and see things that are weird. I just watched the travesty called Jason X, it has two of the stars from Andromdeda, Lexa Doig (or whatever lol), and Lisa Ryder, Rommy and Becka Valantine respectively. Don't know why I posted this, it just seemed weird to me.
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    My own Spin on WC

    It took me a while, but I managed to finish my Wing Commander Roleplaying Game: Core Rule Book. It came to a total of 141 pages of rules and resource material. It is based off of Star Wars D20. Next up is to finish my own Joans fightings ships part. With stats for nearly every ship known...
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    Star Wars

    Hey I was on the and I found something on a post and I aked the person to confirm it, they sent me an E-Mail. It didn't come from GL himself but it is pretty damn high up in LF. The person that sent it to me is the "LOAF" of the forums there, and is pretty well imformed. "I can...
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    Battlestar Galactica

    I was just on, they are making the show it starts in Jan 2005. I know a good chunk of you guys are not going to like this lol.
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    Six Degrees

    You guys have heard of the drinking game: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You can do it with Star Trek too, take any actor and within 6 degrees you can usually place him/her to Star Trek. If you want to make it harder, do it movies instead of TV (Since Star Trek is at like 27 seasons now). Me...
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    I just watched tonights episode and one thing disturbed me. When T'Pol (that is her name right?) said something about considering joining starfleetl. She had better not, it is pretty widely known that Spock was the first Vulcan in starfleet. The creators and writers had better not miss...
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    I went and watched it, what did everyone think. I thought it was pretty good, I liked how you got the feeling of Achilles invincibilty by the old credo "don't get hit", his speed. It was a little long, and you get plenty of near naked shots of Brad if you are into that kind of thing, but...
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    Starship Troopers 2

    Did any of you guys see Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. I watched it and had mixed feelings, not many bugs since special effects were expensive, and the guns were dumb, again $$$$ considerations (The original broke records I think for rounds fired, or at least fired alot of...
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    Just read that there is gonna be a sequal to KOTR. That is great, the original was a great game and Xbox needs more RPGs it is kinda shy on them. Kinda scared though, the original was a great storyline and I don't know if they can do it again. Bioware has done good things with the D&D video...