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    Battlestar Galactica on - WOW!

    The original BSG was just bad as a series, the books weren't that bad, and in some cases were very good, but in order to make it into a TV series they made a lot of very bad comprimises. I think that the new shows stays much truer to the original intent of the books and series. Besides we all...
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    Easter Egg

    Hey it worked for me.
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    Easter Egg

    Well since no else seems to have found it, just go to the hanger before the last mission and wait, be patient and you'll be treated to a nice easter egg.
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    Easter Egg

    Found it, shall I tell everyone mateys?
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    Easter Egg

    Is it the somewhat out of place "Exit Game" hot button on the flight deck before the last mission? I looked all over that screen to see what you could click on, wanted to click on the marines or pilot just hanging out but it wouldn't let me. Never did click on that "Exit Game" hot button...
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    Starlancer 3dsmax scene WIP

    Nice, but mix up the fighters a little, never did care for the Mirage, how about a Phoenix in there?
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    Easter Egg

    SO can we get a hint concerning this easter egg and where to look, or listen for it?
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    Ugliest Ship

    You are correct sir, I believe most people will be voting this way.
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    WCM in Starlancer?

    Watch the video of the REliant's destruction, I actually liked the reliant thought it was well designed, in cutscene form at least. Anyway in that cutscene the ship that the Reliant crashes into bears a striking resemblance to the movie Rarali, or maybe the Fralthi its been a long time.
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    WCM in Starlancer?

    Man welcome to five years ago, everyone knows about that one and about three or four others. Heck some of the enemy ships in the cutscenes are taken straight from the WCM Kilrathi craft.
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    'Scenes of McAuliffe' WIP Thread

    Interesting, but I am really not loving the back end with just the one engine. It just seems wrong to me. Besides even in the movie I thought the confed ships still have multiple engines, it was the Kilrathi that were relegated to single engines.
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    Grand Theft Auto 2 for Free

    I wouldn't touch that POS game if you paid me.
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    destroy the "steal rain," does that mean Mandarins? cool
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    Make a Bitter Bengal Better?

    Interesting, but I don't think you can really call it a Bengal, the proportions are all off for one thing. It is an interesting design and a good interpretation, but I would call it something else not a Bengal, maybe some derived from the design later.
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    Results From A Bengal/Ranger Crossing (December 16, 2004)

    Very nice, if not just a little trek refitish in concept, but I like it. And really I could see something like this happening. What a lot people on here don't seem to realize is that large craft like carriers, even today, are designed to last upwards of 60 years, in salt water environs. Now...
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    Standoff has heads that talk.

    very nice, can't wait
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    Halsey Class Heavy Fleet Carrier Renders

    Interesting, but for the apparent size there really should be no need for pass through flight decks.
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    Conceptual Design: Battle Axe Milita Fighter

    Ok I'll bite where is the turret and why have a turret on a medium fighter?
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    Venture class EW-corvette

    very nice but the wing textures look a littel funky, and I love that big canopy, too bad we can't see inside.
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    Drayman Escort Run

    Very nice, it is much better then my early work, what package are you using?