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    WC3 using Dosbox

    You can play WC3 entirely from your hard drive without having to copy every CD. You need a copy of the whole of CD1, as you have already done, but from the other CDs you only need to copy CDxMOVIE.TRE and CDxMISS.TRE (where x is 1, 2, 3 or 4) to the same directory as where you copied CD1. All...
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    Having heard all of the disappointment from the US release and the fact that it wasn't even in UK cinemas made me have really low expectations. But when I watched it on VHS I still thoroughly enjoyed it, probably because I was expecting to see a load of rubbish, but ended up seeing something...
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    Problems controlling the ship in WC4

    Have tried going into the game options during a mission by pressing alt + O? One of the options in there is to select controller type and you can select to play with the mouse. If you haven't changed this already it's probably set to keyboard, which is the default setting.
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I am 17 and I saw The original trilogy (I got the new-ish DVD version) after seeing episodes 1 and 2 and I have to say that I didn't think it sucked. In fact I thought the exact opposite: it was brilliant. The interesting thing is though, while most people disliked episodes 1 and 2, I...
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    Don't mess with the japanese chicks!

    That was definitely staged in my opinion. I am into martial arts myself and if you are attacked by someone you would never do what that person did. The only place you would see that sort of thing is in a wrestling match, which is also staged.
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    The Word Game

    Red Dwarf
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    I'm able to get Privateer up and running, but I... can't do anything in my ship O_o

    OK, let's go through your questions one by one. :) Because at the beginning of the game you are in the Troy system, which always has 9 nav points. You will continue to launch in this system until you buy a jump drive and jump into another system, which has different nav points and bases...
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    Japanese Animations

    When I was younger I used to watch Dragonball Z a lot. It was really good at the beginning, but kind of sucked towards the end... or maybe I just grew out of it.
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    Wilford chews out Casey

    That was like a completely different side to Wilford. We had never heard him shout like that up until that point. It was similar to the way Eisen shouts at Blair in WC3 if you eject too many times, though attacking the kilrathi with Hawk in WCP is quite a bit more serious.
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    The Word Game

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    Stay alert pilot!

    My first time I got Bobbing Bobcat. I did it again and got Rocketing Rabbit, as I got incredibly lucky and hit one sheep at exactly 0.000 seconds.
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    The first Wing Commander game (and first ever PC game) I played was WC3 and I was only 6 years old at the time. Being that young I wasn't very good at it and it took me ages to do certain missions, especially since I didn't know you could lower the difficulty. Nevertheless, I had loads of fun...
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    I've used Wikipedia for quite a long time for my school work, but I never realised it had stuff about Wing Commander. The information here is pretty good and makes an interesting read.
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    Wing Commander III (3) trouble

    Yeah, I'm also not sure if it would be legal, but just as this updates WC3 to KS, there is a patch to update WC4 DOS to win95 even though there is the win95 DVD version. Based on this, should we not be able to patch WC3, since we already own a lisence to play the game having bought the original...
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    Wing Commander III (3) trouble

    The sound is another problem that occurred for me as well. Even if the movies work properly when you run the game, every time you start a mission, there is always a possibiltiy that the sound will cut out like you said and you can't get landing clearance. I'm afraid you have to restart the game...
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    Lexington Comm Files

    I may just be interpreting this in my own way but it sounded rude when Naismith said: "Captain Paulsen passes on his congratulations." This may have been a genuine comment, but to me he seemed to emphasise the name "Paulsen" and it came across like he was reminding Blair that Paulsen had...
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    Wing Commander III (3) trouble

    I used to have this problem in windows ME with my DOS version of WC3. I'm not really sure why windows does this, but most of the time it loads the game exactly how you described it and sometimes it will work properly. I know this sounds tedious, but you have to keep exiting the game and starting...
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    Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

    The Excalibur certainly did stand out during it's time, but I felt that the Vampire is slightly in front. The Excalibur was really good - in my opinion more ground breaking than earlier super fighters (if I can call them that :) ) - but for me the jump from the Panther to the Vampire was greater...
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    Unknown pilot from WC:P

    I definitely remember the pilots: Capp, Lisa, Vanguard and Cantrell. However, I don't recall hearing of: Hill, Renko, Furillo, Fish or T Dog. I must have missed the mentioning of these names. Could anyone tell me were you come across them?
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    An "academic" discussion...

    If this is true, then why does Eisen make it out to be a weapon that Confed have never encountered before? In the movie an officer on the Claw says something along the lines of "oh no, a skipper missile," implying its existence is common knowledge. Yet several years in the future in WC3, Eisen...