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  1. Toast

    Effects of difficulty level

    I know the difficulty settings affect aggressiveness and AI, but I'm having trouble finding the threads that detail the numerical effects of the difficulty levels (I know they're around here somewhere, but I just can't locate them). Hero and Nightmare difficulty decrease the amount of damage...
  2. Toast

    Scimitar fans

    We've had so many fighter "gripes" threads here that we even covered the fighters almost everyone likes. So let's turn things around. Tell everyone why you love the Scimitar! Favorite stories, favorite missions, closest calls, best moments in WC Academy or the novels, anything you've seen in...
  3. Toast

    Jutland-class carriers canon?

    Looks like Star*Soldier pulls the Jutland-class carriers out of the WC Bible and into canon? Star*Soldier p. 58: "Ghosts of the Vacuum - From Ghorah Khar to Vukar Tag the Jutland class carriers took the fight to the Kilrathi. We tour the last surviving example, the ex-TCS Philippine Sea, to...
  4. Toast

    WC2 ITTS/autotracking? (Sabre, Epee)

    WC2 memory: When using ITTS in WC2, did having the ITTS reticle in your crosshairs affect your shot trajectory? I think I remember the Sabre and Epee having shot convergence of a sort if and only if you'd managed to center the ITTS reticle when firing. Sometimes the shots would still miss, but...