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  1. Claymore

    Planet Nine Might be a Black Hole (Did the Wing Commander Movie Predict This?)

    Hello WC community, Scientists now believe that planet nine could be a black hole. I remember somewhere in the WC movie that a Kilrathi capital ship followed Blair's rapier and ended up getting eaten by Scylla (the movie black hole). If Scylla was in Sol system it is a crazy coincidence. Maybe...
  2. Claymore

    Apparently the Kilrathi are actually bears.

    This picture is from Stardrive which is now on Steam No copyright infringement because the bear guy is actually a Kulrathi. Kind of odd. Thought I'd let someone at the CIC...
  3. Claymore

    POSS Test

    I got an email today that said I could go take it August 25th. I have an ASVAB study guide. I'll study the mechanical section from it. The forums are probably going to be the best source of information for me. Has anyone here taken it?
  4. Claymore

    Stan_comp.exe came back as a virus

    Stan_comp.exe came back as a "Spyware.Passwords" virus in Malware Bytes. It weighs 28.0 kB and it was created back in August of 2009. This is a false positive right :confused: from mbam-log:
  5. Claymore

    Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercs

    I guess Smith and Tinker finally worked out the kinks and realeased a free Mechwarrior game. Its probably just in its beta form, but it is free. I doubt I'll download as I already own the game. Here's the article from Tomshardware...
  6. Claymore

    Defying Gravity's Final Disclosure *SPOILERS*

    Defying Gravity Revealed *SPOILERS* ***Spoiler Alert*** The following is an interview with the creator of Defying Gravity. I can't give a direct link to the website because they host some movies they shouldn't. Here's the interview:
  7. Claymore


    Apparently Paramount Pictures is making a GI Joe movie. They've released a couple pictures of their rendition of the character Snake Eyes. I'm just letting ya'll know. Because knowing is half the battle. The actor that plays Snake Eyes played Darth Maul (USA Today). So, I'm not going to be...
  8. Claymore

    Open Gl mode problem

    My problem is in open gl mode. On the radar all the targets are black. Instead of red or blue. Everything else looks outstanding. My system specs: Amd 4000+ (single core 2.6 ghz) 2 gigs 800 mhz DDR2 Ram Sapphire HD X 2900 Pro XP Home Edition The radar in Direct 3d works fine...
  9. Claymore

    Best PCI-E Graphics Card???

    Well Murphy's Law has been fairly prevalent lately. I've been having computer problems lately. I may need to build a new system altogether. My cpu completely burnt out. And I built the computer back in 04. So I have a socket 754 board and an agp card. It looks like socket 754 cpus are only...
  10. Claymore

    Black Screen When Tower On

    My graphics card is no longer sending video to my Sony monitor. One day I turned on my machine and all I got was a black screen. The monitor would wake back up for a couple of seconds (the light would go from amber to green) and then say power save mode and go back to amber. After that my...
  11. Claymore

    IP Test

    I'm just trying to pull the ip address off this computer. When I ran cmd ipconfig pulled up three different ip addresses. This is just a test thanks guys.
  12. Claymore

    Weak Wireless Lan

    Hey guys got a tech question here Well I finally moved into my campus apartment. Installed my a Linksys B/G wireless pci card into a desktop computer I built. Installed the software. Followed the instructions on my wireless internet agreement. And tried to generate a new IP address but it...
  13. Claymore

    College life question

    I've been accepted into some on campus apartments. I have 3 choices. Number 1 is to stay at home and drive and pick up about $1200 off of grants. It's just a 40 mile drive down there. Choice two is live in the apartments. Choice 3 is buying a $10,000 fixer upper 2 bedroom house. I've got...
  14. Claymore

    Prophecy Deluxe?

    So I finally went out and bought Prophecy on ebay for $20 after shipping. Just a couple of questions. Is there a deluxe edition (I'm not referring to gold) with the 3 cd roms and a music cd? And does Prophecy run easily on XP? The last bit really doesn't matter I'll just have to dig out my...
  15. Claymore

    Babylon 5 ?'s

    I have two Babylon 5 related questions. I think I read somewhere that they cancelled the Babylon 5 motion picture (Legend of the Shadows--I think). Im really sorry if I read that here. Did they cancel the whole thing or just stop production? Also, I downloaded the FS2 TC The Babylon...
  16. Claymore

    Just some anger

    Well I recently bought a new computer from Gateway and paid extra for Windows XP Professional. Got it the other day. When I looked through everything I couldn't find the Windows disk. Called customer support and they said that I didn't need a windows disk and was supposed to make a backup copy...