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    Kill score transfer SM2- WC2???

    I have a copy of Kilrathi Saga and have been tranfering my mission and kill scores from WC1-SM2. I know WC2 gives you the option to transfer your missions/kills from WC1 but this does not include SM2! Does anyone know how to do it? I assume One would have to use a text editor. Any...
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    "excuse Me Sir, Did You Say The Victory?"

    "DID YOU SAY BLAIR" If i was on the Victory I would be messing myself to here of his posting! 1, Tigersclaw= Bang 2, Concordia = Crashed 3, Victory= Great! Request transfer to the ISS now!
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    Wingcommander RANK

    Hello, Am slightly obsessed with the rank structure used in WC3/4 and wondered if there is an official list with pictures? Its just that wc1/2 use US navy ranks which is understood and WC3/4 use squares and bits which don't match the charaters? I.E Vagabond in WC3 is listed as a LT and...