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    What's the deal with the demo.

    I saw 2 sections. 1. A skirmish (that lasted under a minute, my first time trying). 2. A game of asteroids. (that lasted 4 minutes) Am I missing something? Did anybody like this Demo? I see that Loaf wasn't impressed with this Demo, either:
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    TeamXBox Arena review - 7/25/07
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    Aegis Wing - Free Game
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    Ace Combat 6 - strike-commander-like?
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    What a pleasant Surprise!

    I don't know if Arena is any good or not. Maybe some others can add to this list. Pros: 1. Most Xbox Live Arcade Games are $8.00. 2. They seem to have done there homework on the WC universe with planes, weapons, and mythology. 3. Laser's and explosions look pretty. 4. Xbox Live. 5...
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    Use your Xbox 360 joystick on a PC

    Supposedly, with these free drivers you can use your 360 controller on a PC. In addition you will need either: A: Charge and Play Kit (this connects a USB wire to the wireless 360 controller or B: A wireless usb device has recently come out for the pc so you can use the 360 controller...
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    Strike Commander

    This game was a lot of fun. It was delayed a very long time.
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    What a disgrace!

    I heard the news yesterday about a new Wing Commander game... and it made my day. I was thinking I'll buy this game the day it comes out and buy Xbox Live Gold. ************** Then I looked at a trailer on IGN and I got really mad. This game looks like Zaxxon, or 1942, or Gradius. It is...