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    Bhurak Starkiller

    I've decided to draw Bhurak since he was one of my favourite named Kilrathi from the series, but it's sort of hard when my only reference is a black and white 8 cm picture. What sort of feline would you say he's most similar to? Did the nar Caxki (That's his clan, isn't it?) have a particular...
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    Why are...?

    Why are all of the pilots in the WC series officers? It never made much sense to me since officers are usually the ones giving orders to non coms and below, who make up the combat source. I can imagine a couple officers as squadron leaders and such, but it always baffled me when a Colonel was...
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    Kilrathi Aces

    Is there a full list of Kilrathi Aces anywhere? (particularily the aces appearing in WC2) I know there's the following (from WC1): Bhurak Starkiller Khajja nar Ja'targk Dahkhath nar Caxki and Bahktosh Redclaw. I'm playing WC2 right now and I ran into "Kur" (who quickly killed me and my...