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  1. Aries

    We Got Him!!!

    Bin Laden is dead!!!!!!! A great day for America, and a great day for our military.
  2. Aries


    What did ya'll think about the last Farscape episode. it pissed me off. how the hell do you end a series like that? anyway, i think SciFi is shooting themselves in the foot by ending Farscape. thoughts?
  3. Aries

    superbowl 37

    Tampa Bay won!!!!!! 48-21.
  4. Aries

    Bush and Nukes?

    Well, to start another great debate, what do you guys think about the White House's "new" nuclear strategy. for those of you who don't know about that, the Bush Adm. says that if anyone threatens us or our friends, we will respond with everything we have. now it doesn't specificly say we will...
  5. Aries


    What ever happened to the Hakagas? All I know is that they were used in the Battle for Earth and that's it.
  6. Aries

    WC2 ships

    What's up. I have recently joined up so if ya'll have already talked about this, sorry in advance: What is up with the Wraith and Jrathek in the ships database under WC2? I know they are in Armada but I haven't seen them in WC2. Is my game messed up or are the ships just misplaced in the...