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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    I wouldn't normally start a thread here (I believe this is my first here outside the Flight Commader section) but I've come across a Wing Commander reference that I think hasn't been posted here. It's also got...
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    Importing 3d models/Perfect Plan status

    I've been messing around with trying to get some new models into Flight Commander. The furthest I've managed to get is to be able to get an obj in the game. Unfortunately the skin of the obj model doesn't show up (I'm assuming there is nothing wrong with my obj files as the skins work in...
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    Finally I'm releasing the latest version of my mod for Flight Commander. This version features entirely new com and audio messages, a few new ships, two new missions and a new briefing that takes full advantage of Flight Commander 1.5. This screenshot shows one of the new com videos. The...
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    Comm/ Hud error and menu preview

    Oh oh oh. Found a nice little bug. When someone sends you a message when you have the hub turned off the game crashes. This possibly has something to do with the subtitles. I wish Flight Commander wouldn't crash so easy. :( Doesn't it look pretty. :D
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    How is everyone?

    I just managed to restore my mod from my dead computer. I've looked over it and while I've made a stack of theory on unique game play and base building - and even fine turned the story - I've realized that I don't really have the resources to complete it the way I wanted. So, I'm probably going...
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    According to CIC's ship database Secret Ops had a sweet installation known as Superbase. Naturally I want to extract the beast but the link to treman on the Flight Commander website is dead. Does anyone know another place to get it? And while we're at it, does anyone know anything about the...
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    Perfect Plan

    For the last two weeks I've been working on a campaign for Flight Commander. Currently there are five mostly-finished missions, three modded ships and few speech files. You need the Christmas RG pack from