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    Needing WC 4

    Any Brazilian willing to sell a copy of WC 4 or knows a store where it's being sold? I searched at MercadoLivre and got nothing.
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    MB Wing Commander Wargame anyone?

    It's just a proposal. I want to see if there is people interested in a fleet-level wargame per MB. It would be on 2667.???, and the players would be divided in teams, Kilrathi and Human, getting command of Marines, Ships and Fighters. I will send rules if anyone wants to play.
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    New Wing Commander PBEM

    Hi. I am searching players for a new Wing Commander PBEM. It will be set some time before the False Peace. The players will be a Special Operations Team working under Paladin's orders flying diverse fighter types. More details if requested. Please contact me thru MB.
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    (Something Like)Trivia

    Rules: 1 - I post the first question, and then who answers post the next. 2 - WC Questions only. First Question(A easy one): What's the Black Vampire bomber missile payload?
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    SO Mission Creator

    Hi, Does anyone know a WCSO mission creator program??? Something like the TFW for TIE Fighter, or AlliEd for X-Wing Alliance. It would make things a lot easier.
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    New ship

    This is a new ship for a fiction i am going to write. It will going to be in 2740, after the war with the Nephilim. Please give some feedback. All new weapons are explained below the fighter stats. ============================================== Name: Titan Type: Heavy Fighter Faction...
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    Supporters need!

    Hello people, Here's Slaw. I am currently writing a fiction that is set in year 2700, after the Nephilim's defeat and destruction of their last world. I want this to be a good work, and with my idea, i will need supporters. I need, but i'm not limited to, this: 4x Writers(to help me to...
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    Guys, what about a run-on here?
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    Fan Fic - Battle at Maginot

    This is my first WC Fan Fic, that takes place on the Maginot System of the Trk'Pahn Sector, at a defense base, some time after Wing Commander II. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Battle of Maginot - First Act - And there go the six...
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    Wing Commander PBEM

    Hello, I am a new member on this forum. I am posting this here just to tell you that i am needing players for a Wing Commander PBEM. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me(at, or copy/paste this URL in your browser: