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  1. TonViper

    ARKYD Space Telescope Kickstarter needs your help. Only an hour left!

    Ever heard of the ARKYD? It's an actual crowd funded Space Telescope. Their Kickstarter campaign ends in an hour, and they need just a bit more to hit another stretch goal. They're doing a livestream here: They're just about to dump someone into a dunk tank when they hit $1500 more. If...
  2. TonViper

    Wing Commander fighter models for Homeworld 2

    I finally found motivation to get back to modeling something, and this time I've taken on the Bearcat: As you can see, the model is done, apart from the wingtip guns, but texture work is still in the very early stages, with most assets ripped directly from the texture I made for my Excalibur...
  3. TonViper

    Excalibur Heavy Fighter

    I'm teaching myself to make a game ready model, and I chose the Excalibur as my first subject. I have gotten the model ready by now and I'm trying to figure out how to efficiently UV map a model. I'm getting there, but I have a lot to learn yet. My plan is to put the model in Homeworld 2...