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    WCIII Dos Version - Defending Sol Mission Bug ?

    Hiya, First off, I know this is not really a hardware problem, but looking into the other subforums made me think that it still would be placed best here. So here's my problem. I've been playing WC III a few days now and once more I've proceeded to the defense of earth itself. But there...
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    WC Armada - Net Play Troubles

    Hiya. Me once more. I followed the instructions in the "play armada online" section to get WC Armada running via LAN to play with a friend of mine. If it worked, we would have tried to play online via hamachi vpn, this was the general goal. Both computers use the same dosbox version as...
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    WC Armada - Not enough memory for Sound Driver

    Hello again. My Disk Version of WC Armada runs fine now (had some troubles with creating copies from the original disks which actually work!). However, before I purchased the original CDrom and the original Floppy Disk Versions at ebay in top condition, I used to play (since the game isn't...
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    WC Armada Install - Please insert Disk 7 !?

    Hello everybody. This is my first thread startet in these forums. Plus, my english got a little bit rusty the last few years, so please bear this in mind when responding to this post. Well, the thread name already indicates the direction of my problem. Wing Commander Armada Floppy Disk...