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    Bottoms up!

    Did they ever use real alcohol in WC3-WCP, or was it just colored water?
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    HCI archives

    Anyone know what happened to HCI's ships for WCP/SO? Anyone got them still?
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    WC4-PSX movies

    Is there some way to view the PSX versoin's FMVs like HCI movie viewer?
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    Everyone knows the Iceman

    OK, I've yet to play the first 2 WC games, but how does everyone: Rachel, Hawk etc know who Casey's dad was when we don't meet these people until the 3rd and 4th games?
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    I love Freelancer, it's a good game with great visuals, but I still think a sim ain't a sim without a yoke or stick
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    Dragon Fighter

    I'm guessing that the infinite afterburners worked in the PC version, but did anyone have a problem with them in the playstation version like me?