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    Finally I have downloaded all of WCA!

    I've only played WC from 3 to prophecy, and I've always used Maverick as my callsign. I was ecstatic to see that Blair's callsing was Maverick as well.
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    I also got into watching Farscape within the last year. However, I loved the ending, it was classic Farscape: Leaves you knowing less than you did when you started the episode. As to those who didn't like the series, why is that? It was an original idea unlike all the other generic sci-fi rip...
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    Any foods you're just sick of?

    What about shrimp?'s an ok food...and no one that's tried lobster can say it's not for food i dislike, anything scottish and british, french food is ok once you get used to it, and german is damn near the best, next to Italian and Chinese...any kind of fast food is evil though
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    The Word Game

    Eye Patch:cool:
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    If not Ms. Piggy, then who? Gonzo?:D
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    Nazi regime

    No, the operation to control all the bridges leading into the Rhine and have the Allied troops home by Christmas was called Operation: Marketgarden. Ultimately, the plan failed because the Germans had just resupplied their troops and the Allies weren't expecting anything but old men and...
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    Freelancer -> Privateer Mod?

    Re: Freelancer -> Privateer Total Conversion? Don't you mean mod Privateer into Freelancer?
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    Bottoms up!

    Did they ever use real alcohol in WC3-WCP, or was it just colored water?
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    Which fighter type is your favorite?

    That's because someone at Origin didn't want to design an original carrier
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    Best targets

    I remember shooting down cats in WC3 and then have a lot of ejected cats around that when you ran into or shot would shoot away into space
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    The Word Game

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    They sure do teach a bunch of useless stuff in college:D
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    Direct X 9

    Hey, it's Murphy's Law!:D
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    Did anyone ever get their hands on the WCP DVD?

    In a couple years CD-ROMs will go the way of the big black actually floppy disks then everything will be DVD format.
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    Best targets

    Ejected Kilrathi Pilots...anyone know why they fly away from you when you shoot them?
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    Which fighter type is your favorite?

    If only someone knew how to reset the firing angles like in X-wing Alliance, then the fighters in WCP would be even better. Anyone know why they took the auto-tracking off for WCP??
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    Favorite mechanic

    It's all a vast conspiracy dating back to the faked moon landing
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    Let's Talk About Feelies / Different Versions/Formats

    Except for the control layouts, I thought the PSX version was pretty had a lot of the cut out scenes in it that made the Hobbes situation understood.
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    Did anyone ever get their hands on the WCP DVD?

    I didn't know one existed, why didn't they release it that way to begin with?
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    WC2 Deluxe

    Whiny bastards:mad: