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  1. DangerousCook

    Which Ships Saw the Most Action in the War?

    This is a bit of an old-school discussion topic. Which ships (preferably Confederation fighters, but Kilrathi fighters, capships, etc. are more than welcome too) do you think saw the most action during the war (2634-2669)? Which ones were produced the most, and which stayed in...
  2. DangerousCook

    Please join our sim!

    Hey guys, So we've been involved in a forum-based sim for the past few months now, and it's been both fun and productive. The one thing we're really lacking is participants, and it would be really great to have some more people involved. The link to the sim can be found below...
  3. DangerousCook

    Secret Ops Mission Builder Compile Error

    Hi, I've recently installed HC1's Mission Builder, Compiler, and the Simulator patch for Secret Ops. All the programs seem to be operating well, except when I click the Compile and Run or Compile Only buttons in the Mission Builder. I get an error that reads as follows: The program or freature...
  4. DangerousCook

    Saving Dr. Severin—Are they serious?

    First of all, if you are not in the mood for a (probably) unoriginal topic full of complaining and ranting then you should stop reading now! I've been playing through WC3 for the first time in a long time, and it is a fantastic experience. I think that it's in all likelihood the best game of...
  5. DangerousCook

    The Wildcat Fighter

    I'd like to ask what is known about the Wildcat fighter which (I believe) is depicted in the Action Stations novel, and (what some of us think) may be the first episode of the Academy TV Series. My memory is very sketchy, but I think Tolwyn actually fought in a Wildcat during part of the novel...
  6. DangerousCook

    Best Possible Squadron

    This may seem silly, but I was wondering if anyone would like to compile their ideal Wing Commander Squadron. What pilots would fly in it? (They can be dead, alive, Terran, Kilrathi Border Worlds etc.) What fighter(s) would they fly? Who would command it and what would their assignment be? I'm...
  7. DangerousCook

    Mining Ships

    In WCP (the intro video) there are a couple very small manned mining craft that are splitting open space rocks. I was just wondering if there are any other references (possibly in Privateer?) to mining ships or specific details about mining companies. Thanks in advance!
  8. DangerousCook


    Hi, I've just downloaded Saga but apparently can't move my ship. I have a laptop which has no number pad. Is there a way I can change the movement controls or am I just SOL?
  9. DangerousCook

    What is up with the gun chart?

    Ok, so here is the gun chart - Now, I'm not disputing the accuracy of these numbers or anything (I'm just really surprised at how low some of them are) Just as an example, scroll down to the Tachyon Gun. The strongest it ever gets on the chart...
  10. DangerousCook

    The 5 Deadliest Pilots

    :D Pretty straightforward, rank who you consider to be the five deadliest pilots (no specific time period or affiliation required) preferably with a small amount of reasoning behind it. It takes me forever to think up lists like these so give me a while to decide.
  11. DangerousCook

    The Hardest Missions!

    What are the most difficult WC missions you've ever flown and why! Let's get crazy!!!
  12. DangerousCook

    Spoons' Suicide!

    I don't know if anyone has encountered this or posted about it yet, but I found something kind of funny while playing the other day: I believe it's the "Battle of Verdun" mission right after you first launch, if you don't autopilot right away after the "time to earn your pay" speech, Spoons...
  13. DangerousCook

    Epsilon Sector

    From viewing your universe maps I noticed a few systems under UBW control and I was wondering about what time period these maps represent. Are these same systems under UBW control during/after the war? Please help me out if you can.
  14. DangerousCook

    Xmen 3

    So who has seen it? I desperately want to talk to other people who've seen it to see what your reaction/opinion was of the film. Don't really want to fill this thread with spoilers or anything, so maybe just send me an instant message? (xvxoffmychestxvx)
  15. DangerousCook

    Favorite Wingmen?

    For the moment mine are Trigger and Longshot, not only for kick ass dogfighting but also for their priceless dialogue : )
  16. DangerousCook


    With shame I must report that I've never had the pleasure of playing WC2... but I find the Jalkehi to be an interesting design and was hoping to use it in my fanfiction. If you guys could provide as much info on the ship's performance in combat, as well as any other details I would greatly...
  17. DangerousCook


    Since the Maniac hate thread is turning into a missile debate, I figured we should dedicate a thread to the subject. The debate is regarding how realistic the WC4 missile damage is (since the majority of fighters get slagged with a single missile of any type) I think on the same token...
  18. DangerousCook

    WC3 Novel (need a favor!)

    I would love it if someone could pull out there WC3 novel adaptation (I can't find mine at the moment) and type out the contents of page 40 (I clearly remember this being the right page) in which Blair is analyzing the 4 (I think) squadrons onboard the Victory. I really would like to get the...
  19. DangerousCook

    Durango Class

    Any idea on how many fighters the Durango class capital ships are capable of carrying? The BWS Intrepid was of this ship class I believe. Just wondering for the purposes of my fanfiction, thanks! Just wondering if you guys think that 26 fighters is plausible...
  20. DangerousCook

    Worst Fighter?

    So we recently had a forum post regarding your favorite fighter, so which fighter do you like the least? It can be something you hated flying or always gave you grief/got the best of you in a dogfight. Post away!