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  1. Kyle Maverick

    Another Wing Commander mention, "The Five Space Sims That Defined my Youth"

    Had a look and not seen anything about this posted yet. Mate of mine posted this to my wall on Facebook. Wing Commander is the second game listed and the one that gets the most said about it...
  2. Kyle Maverick

    Starting to buid my own squadron

    Of Wingnuts that is. My newest daughter, Brooke "Wolf", born at 6:44 this morning (GMT) weighing 7lb 6 and a half oz, heavier than her big sister, Bailey "Dragon", but smaller than her
  3. Kyle Maverick

    Wing Commander 3 Free on Origin

    Haven't seen this already posted so...... loaded up my origin account when I got in from work and WC3 is currently free. Got my copy downloading already (even though I have the GOG version, figure always good to have a back up).
  4. Kyle Maverick

    Aaron Allston passes

    Saw a link on Facebook by the Star Wars 501st Legion saying he'd passed. Did a quick search and yes, Aaron Allston, writer of Claw Marks passed away last night aged 53. Better known among Star Wars fans as the writer of the Wraith Squadron books...
  5. Kyle Maverick

    Another new little Wingnut

    Today at 4:50pm GMT, my girlfriend "Ice Maiden" gave birth to my 7lb 2oz daughter, Bailey "Little Wolf". Ice Maiden also broke four of my fingers while giving birth. Pics coming soon