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  1. Maj.Striker

    Few WC Sketches

    Just for fun thought I'd post some pictures here of some different sketches I'd done of WC. Nothing really special but I thought someone might like them.
  2. Maj.Striker

    Web Stats Tracking?

    Hey, I just noticed the stats tracking icon on the left side of the main page and checked it out. It's a pretty neat thing! Over 3 million unique visitors since they started tracking!!!!? Awesome! Anyway, just had a quick question for the admin team, is extreme tracking free? How do you get it...
  3. Maj.Striker

    Found from the past!

    Nothing really special I just happened to find this little clip that I did some time ago and thought I would upload it again in case anyone wanted it. Some cats attacking Perry...
  4. Maj.Striker

    3d Clip

    This is off topic so I created a short little animation clip of some of my custom meshes in a "dogfight." Most of this was just to test out some ideas and see how the ships looked animated. I thought I'd post the clip here and get some feedback. The last scene where the bomber explodes is...
  5. Maj.Striker

    New WC Animation

    Well, was doing some testing and put together a short little WC animation. Nothing too elaborate but a lot of fun so I thought I would share with the community. First up, the music track in this clip is by Mike Ducharme (aka Felagund) so let me give him credits right here for that. It's a great...
  6. Maj.Striker


    Eddie, how hard is it/would it be to implement a cockpit system? (Ala Wing Commander 1 / 2). For example, if I created a cockpit mesh could I simply import it and use that instead of the default there now? P.S. I have a suggestion, I imagine it will be extremely hard to do now but it would be...
  7. Maj.Striker

    Most Average Fighter?

    After enduring thousands upon thousands of best/worst fighter about a Most Average Fighter (AVF) thread? This would be the ship that not really all that great but not really all that bad. It sits in the medium of the two extremes. My nomination is for the Scimitar.
  8. Maj.Striker

    Why the Change in the Front Page layout?

    Why is the front page layout different now? The hot topics are now below the current poll results in a weird three column format? Is this a permanent change or a temporary glitch? It may just be me but I find it awkward...maybe just because I'm not used to it.
  9. Maj.Striker

    Couple of Articles on WC

    I know I hadn't seen these before and wasn't sure if anyone else might find them interesting...
  10. Maj.Striker


    Ok, I decided recently to purchase a new joystick. My current joystick, an old Saitek (I'm sorry I don't know the model, but I've had it probably six years or so now) has worked flawlessly for me all this time. I have never been as satisfied with a joystick as I have this one, I bought it for...
  11. Maj.Striker

    WC Web Comic

    Well not exactly what sure to title this but thought I'd take a stab at a little Wing Commander humor. It was more difficult to do then I thought it would be. I know I'm not that great of a cartoonist but it sure was a lot of fun to make. I have some ideas for some other strips but I'm still...
  12. Maj.Striker

    Couple of questions regarding the ships in Standoff

    Just a couple of quick questions regarding some of the simulator ships in Standoff. First, why did you replace the laser cannons on the Hornet with neutron cannons? I know neutron cannons pack more punch but the lasers have a faster refire and much greater range. I'm just curious as to the...
  13. Maj.Striker

    Suggestion for the next build of Flight Commander

    Ok, here's my big suggestion for your next build. Online multiplayer support. :) Doesn't have to be too fancy to begin with but just a simple selection screen where you select your faction (confed or Kilrathi) then your ship and square off. I know this is a big addition but it would be awesome...
  14. Maj.Striker

    Call out for a few voice actors...

    Hello everyone, I'm in need of a few (three to be exact) voice actors to record a few lines for me for a little project I'm trying to do. It's nothing major I think the most I need is about 6 lines from anyone. I know there's some great voice talent out there in the CIC community as great mods...
  15. Maj.Striker


    Well, I lost my previous model of the Krant when a Hard drive failed a year or so ago. It wasn't that good anyway so it wasn't much of a loss. Anyway, I decided I would try to make a new one. Here's the beginnings. The texture obviously isn't permanent, just something I slapped on. The basic...
  16. Maj.Striker

    Nothing new...just a morning patrol.

    Found this picture on my Hard drive from back when I had modelled my Raptor. Thought I'd post it here. Its been a long time since I've done any 3d work so I may just try to give it another go here soon. Anyway, didn't know if someone might like it or not.
  17. Maj.Striker

    Xbox 360 and Gamestop - Frustation

    Ok, so last night I get an automated phone call from Gamestop. Apparently, they "over estimated" their intended supply of xbox 360s and now it is very likely they won't be able to fill my pre order until AFTER Christmas!!! WHAT THE HECK?!!! Why even bother with a preorder....why even bother...
  18. Maj.Striker

    WC Crew

    Here's a little doodle of the WC fan crew at Dragoncon...I had used reference pictures from 2004 so you'll excuse some of the people who are missing. I know it's not that good but it was fun to do. Anyways, there's our all star cast!
  19. Maj.Striker

    My Fleet

    You've probably seen most of these before but I thought I'd share them again anyways. :) I've designed a little fleet of ships that probably all still need a lot of work done on them but at least the basic forms are there right now. We'll start with the Alexander class destroyer, I initially...
  20. Maj.Striker

    Dragoncon 2005 looked incredible!!!

    I've been perusing the photo gallery thus far and it looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves at Dragoncon. I would have loved to been there but maybe next year. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!!