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  1. Loozer

    WC1 Speed issue

    I have WC1 from gog. I've been playing the game without failed missions, up until the last mission in McAullife. This mission is no joke. Heavy enemy fighters and an ace. In addition escorting the Drayman. I don't prefer cheating, but it seems I have to, for this mission. When there are at...
  2. Loozer

    Problems with a WC3 mission.

    I'm on the mission where we are leaving the nebula and I'm escorting the Victory to the jump point. The nav point after the Victory realizes the jump point is not there is the problem I'm having. After dogfighting a few fighters, the Victory immediately calls for assistance, even though the...
  3. Loozer

    Just wanted to...

    Just wanted to post this. Wing Commander is incredibly awesome. Its the only game I always come back to after playing numerous games from different genres over time, and I've played a lot of games! Playing new games, that to me, does not even compare to this series. I couldn't stay away from...
  4. Loozer

    Differences in Wing Commander 3 versions

    I grew up playing the wc3 version on the 3do. I like it alot better than the pc version. I no longer have a 3do, and I am considering getting the ps1 version. Any noticeable differences minor or major from the ps1 and 3do version? I do remember having really good smooth graphics in the 3do version.
  5. Loozer

    Question about the Kilrathi Saga add ons from the website

    I downloaded the secret missions 1 and 2 and special ops 1 and 2 from the website for kilrathi saga. I just want to know what folder to extract them to within the kilrathi saga files on my computer, I've done it once but forgot.
  6. Loozer

    SciFi and Reality

    I've been doing a little research concerning the differences in aspects in common Scifi and actual reality, here are a few, I would like some feedback on other details, if anyone can list any more, that would be great. 1. Sounds in space Most of space is a hard vacumn, with a molecule or two...
  7. Loozer

    Any KOTDT fans?

    Just wanted know, if there are any fans of Knights of the Dinner Table comics. I've been a subscriber for 3 yrs. They are hilarious. Also, on a side note for scifi fans, if you like board games, "The Great Space Race" is addicting I've been playing for the past 3 months. I would highly...
  8. Loozer

    Looking for wallpaper

    If possible, could anyone post a pic or pics of the rec room in WC3. I would like to use it as my wall paper on my desktop(without the animation of, course) preferably 1024x768. Thanks! Hope I posted this thread in the right place :)
  9. Loozer

    KS Problems in Win2000Pro

    When attempting to play WC1 on KS, in windows2000. I tried right-clicking the execution folder for WC1 and clicking on properties and there is no compatiblity binder at all in the properties window. I tried downloading SP2, wondering if this produces the compatiblity binder, but I get a service...
  10. Loozer

    My Memory, is bit foggy.

    My Memory, is a bit foggy. In my past , I knew a friend briefly, that played a game on his mac, Which was, somewhat comparable to Freelancer, I think the game was called Escape Velocity. Well, I just wanted to know if the game is availlable for a pc under windows. I figured some members on...
  11. Loozer

    More Problems Running KS

    im using win2000 os 1.7 mhz celeron 896 ram 256mb agp nvidia card my problem is when, after installing all the games, i try playing them and all of them play fine, but when i try to launch wc3 i get an error message in a box saying "virtual project failed" and the box closes, holding me...
  12. Loozer

    Neverwinter Nights Comparisons

    I know it hasnt been out long, but what do you think about the new 3d interface of this RPG, compared to the overhead view of the Baldurs Gate series? Personally, it has evolved too fast for me. I wish they had made it a twin of its other series involving the 3d concept. The gameplay is fair...
  13. Loozer

    All webbed out!!

    cannot find the website to download SM1 and SM2 and SO1 and SO2 for Kilrathi Saga. Anyone know the site, the one on the box is not valid anymore.
  14. Loozer

    "Warning! Failed CRC Check"

    this is the error i keep getting on my system while installing Privateer on my comp. this is the third copy ive purchased and i keep getting this: "WARNING FAILED CRC CHECK". well it ends up telling me installation is complete and all that good stuff. i type priv to play the game, then screen...
  15. Loozer

    Privateer Parts

    having problems with privateer part one on floppy, while i install the game thru the disks it gives a warning telling me that it failed a CRC check it does this on a few of the disks (im installing thru dos of course) well it actually installs an tells me to type priv at the privater directory...
  16. Loozer

    A New Enemy for Confed??

    If you could create a new race for the next WC what would the enemy be like?