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  1. eddieb

    Flight Commander 2 Demo 4 released

    Hi all: A new Flight Commander 2 demo to release. Features include AI for firing guns, weapons, decoys, and moving around a bit. Missiles can seek a target. Other new features too. Demo executable is here:
  2. eddieb

    Flight Commander 2: Demo 3

    Hi all: Here's demo 3 which adds the following: Sparks fly when do you hull damage afterburners ship viewer, killboard, simulator menus takeoff cutscene friendlies can eject Download the windows version here...
  3. eddieb

    Flight Commander 2 First demo

    Hi all: Flight Commander 2 is in the works. It's still very early, but here is the first demo. Get the windows version here. It also runs in your web browser. At the moment, just firefox...
  4. eddieb

    Mars Rover Launch Saturday.

    Get ready for the Saturday launch of our Mars rover. The launch coverage will be streamed live on Ustream at 6:30 am pacific time . I worked on the flight software for our rover for about the last 5 years, so it's a real exciting event to get to launch day. Wish...
  5. eddieb

    fan projects wiki

    Hi all: After some chatting today, I realized the current projects page is a bit out of date. So I've started a wiki page. Just linked in actually released projects, or those that are actively being worked up. Hopefully, that will help people new...
  6. eddieb

    FC 1.7 status

    Hi all: Some have been asking what features will be in 1.7. I'm about to get married, so the wedding is my priority, and I won't be able to release anything until afterwards. But here's what I already got done AI uses decoys against dumbfires Display shield flash when hitting shielded part...
  7. eddieb

    Questions from Triple B

    I took a closer look on FC, am I correct, that FC is somewhat just like the MISB, but with more options and of course easy to use? FC does not require wcp or SO right? do you have a ship list of FC at hand? I would like to know what fighters/cap ships are included, espcecially wc3, wc4 era...
  8. eddieb

    Questions from J

    Some questions from email: Great, here goes... 1. I've noticed that I'm still not able to add ships to the game, that is bring entirely new ship.xml files into the game. Whenever I would, say, copy over an Arrow V, and specify in the Mission 1 file, run the game, I'd get a model, but the...
  9. eddieb

    Newest Ring Commander

    Hi All: I'm now engaged. I wrote her a song, recorded it, and put it on the ipod.
  10. eddieb

    Star Trek ship request

    Got the following email:
  11. eddieb

    I'm demoing at NASA JPL this weekend.

    Hi all: I'll be giving demos at NASA's open house at JPL this Sunday. Open to the public, come on down if you're in the Los Angeles area. I'll be by MSL, NASA's latest mars rover in the afternoon, and during the morning I'll be doing demos in RoboDome, our formation flying laboratory. Let me...
  12. eddieb


    Hi all: Congrats on project of the year, after 10 years of work, certainly a well deserved honor.
  13. eddieb


    Yay, was watching NCIS last night, and see the guest star... Hawk!!
  14. eddieb


    Guys: Just finished Standoff, and wanted to say thanks!! This isn't just professional. I think it exceeds what could be done professionally. The touch of fans who care about the series made this a true part of the WC legacy. Amazing work, once again. Eddie.
  15. eddieb

    Mission Editor update

    Hi all: Made a small update to the mission editor today. Now, when you are adding ships to your map, the name of the pilot and the type of the ship is now displayed underneath the ship icon. It's handy, don't know why I didn't think of this before. Go ahead and use it now...
  16. eddieb

    New Flight Cmdr Adventure Game - April Fools

    I'm making a new Sierra style Wing Commander adventure game. Check out the screenshot of Blair meeting Paladin for the first time. Development is coming along well, I found a nice editor for the SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter) game engine. A little more scripting, and we have a new...
  17. eddieb

    Name our Mars rover

    Hi all: You can now vote on a name for the Mars rover we're working on. Voting is open for a few more days, March 29th is the last day. We launch in 2011.
  18. eddieb

    California Flight Adventures

    Went to Disney's California Adventure on the Golden Zephyr ride. A child was afraid to get on the ride, so they let him do the 54321 countdown, and gave him a flight deck commander sticker. I asked the cast member for a sticker, so I too am an official Disney Flight (Deck) Commander.
  19. eddieb

    Flight Commander 1.6.2 patch

    Hi all: Released a small patch for the following: Fix a crash when using low cockpit details Better formation flying Get it at the usual download page
  20. eddieb

    Flight Cmdr 1.6 Released

    Download the new 1.6 release of Flight Commander. New features for players: A gorgeous new nebula and starfield background (thanks Standoff) A new damage model. If you get shot up, your ship's performance starts to degrade. You lose missiles, you slow down, you can't afterburn. Your trusty...