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  1. Frosty


    You guys need to get this game immediately. I'm not going to write a whole review because that would necessarily be full of spoilers, and also I'm not good at the review thing, but I will tell you this game is freaking awesome and you need it now. I know LOAF has it, and he and I are going...
  2. Frosty

    This thread is about cars; if you fag it up I will delete you.

    I have decided to make an attempt to be more than a purely entropic force here at the CZ, so I shall begin an automobile discussion. Feel free to participate and enjoy the conversation, but be interesting, and do not be a douchebag in my thread. My car This is my car. I have posted about...
  3. Frosty

    I bought my car some new feet

    It took around five weeks from placing the order to arrival, but now they're here and the agony of waiting is gone, so Frosty is happy. The Mazda wants to know what's in the boxes. Oooh! Toys! Wow, fancy toys! And mysteriously it's suddenly night. At 1pm. Yaay, shiny...
  4. Frosty

    Post Your Desktop [joke about dialup haha I am a comedian]

    Frosty's not done shitposting yet, so we now have a Post Your Desktop thread! For all eight of you who will participate: Post your freaking background so others can use it if they want. I hate when you see a cool desktop and no link to the original image. Here's mine. Some shit has been...
  5. Frosty

    Anything your browser can do, mine can do better.

    I am victorious. Take that, hobos.
  6. Frosty

    Hey guys

  7. Frosty

    Subaru Glad I Didn't Say Toyota? (April 4, 2007)

    Our favorite developer of Wing Commander titles for the Gameboy, Raylight Studios is turning up the heat with a GBA port of the gritty street racing / girlfriend collection simulator Street Racing Syndicate, so all you import tuners better take notice.Prepare to push your nitrous-injected...
  8. Frosty

    300 is Amazing.

    Go see it. Now.
  9. Frosty

    For dinner, tonight, I had a sandwich...

    This is the principal of Old Saybrook High School. His name is Scott - or Scot - Schoonmaker, and he is a doofus. Everyone say hi. How does this affect my dinner? Well, I could tell you, but showing will work better. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present to you...
  10. Frosty

    A Bot By Any Other Name...

    Has anyone else gotten a kick out of the bot names we can see in the screenshots and videos? They're all little insider references to other WC stuff, like Cantrell, one of the pilots aboard Midway whose death Maniac mentions late in the game. Or the bot named Sandman in honor of Alex "Sandman"...
  11. Frosty

    Rargh - internet boring

    AHCZ needs more posts. Because I lack any sort of creative impulse, I'm going to make another post-your-desktop thread, because that's easy - and I never do anything unless it's easy. As you can see, I've been putting my expensive art-class knowledge to very, very good use.
  12. Frosty

    Yay, guess what time it is!

    It's post-your-desktop-time again here at AHCZ! ME: I half-sized it.
  13. Frosty

    Let's compare GBAs...

    Everyone should post a photo of their Gameboy and tell a story about it, because AHCZ is dead, and I hate that. There it is, one of my favorite material possessions. I originally had a Glacier (white) GBA, which my mother gave to me when I graduated from high school in 2001, and I love it...
  14. Frosty

    Hell fuckin' yeah!

    Ahh, sweetness.
  15. Frosty


    w00, new vBoard!
  16. Frosty


    For the next 41 minutes it is ace's birthday, everyone wish him a happy!
  17. Frosty


    I was flipping through a back issue of Popular Science(December, 2000,) when I came across this little blurb... I decided to check out Popular Science and for more information. I didn't even know anything like this was being developed, and I...
  18. Frosty


    Heya, anyone know where to get Lightwave WC models that have textures? Any is good, but WC3 fighters especially would be cool. I'm kinda bummed they're mostly TS.
  19. Frosty

    After careful consideration...

    I've determined that generic Triscuit rip-offs from your local super-market are made approximately 643.857% better when Tostitos Salsa con Queso is added. The ratio of cracker to dip must be appropriate however. I've found that the most saversome ratio of cracker to dip is 3:2 cracker:dip...
  20. Frosty

    Ever tried this?

    Ever try to paint with water-colors on regular paper? It doesn't work too good. My Kilrathi is just a big blob of painty goo :(