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  1. Adm_maverick

    Wing Commander makes the top 5 at Space Dock

    Hey guys, the Sci-Fi space ship discussion channel SpaceDock recently posted his top 5 Sci-Fi Carriers and Wing Commander ships actually make the list at both 3rd place (Bengal Class Carrier) and at 1st place with the Vesuvius class Heavy Carrier.
  2. Adm_maverick

    Learning how to build Missions for WCP/SO

    So, no beating around the bush: I've been pointed to a couple old tutorials about using a program called WCPPas to build missions for WCP/SO. So first off, resources. WCPPas is apparently a a compiler designed to build WCP/SO Missions. You will probably need a copy of vcl50.bpl. I have a...
  3. Adm_maverick

    Heads up - Kilrathi Fighter Aces

    So in a sort of weird not exactly but still connected tanget to my idea of a Wing Commander Miniaturs game, I did some coloring of the image of the Kilrathi Ace, Bhurack Star Killer. And then I decided to do all 4 of the Kilrathi aces from Wing Commander 1. So here they are: I did 2...
  4. Adm_maverick

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Hey all, had a bit of a random thought occur to me today that I wanted to toss up for discussion. Would there be any interest in developing a Wing Commander table top game? Sort of like X-wing the Miniatures game, but for Wing Commander. There are a plethora of 3D modelers here who have made...
  5. Adm_maverick

    Scratch Built Tallahassee Cruiser

    If you've been following my F-103 Excalibur project thread, you've seen that I've been bouncing all over the place with it. Well that's because I grossly over-estimated my skills/under-estimated the demands of the project. Originally I was aiming to design, build, paint, and install lighting...
  6. Adm_maverick

    If there was a new Wing Commander game?

    So general discussion topic. Let's say that they were to make a new Wing Commander Game, what would you want from it? Continue where Secret Ops left off? Jump ahead to a different era? Prior Era? Perhaps have it set during the Kilrathi War from a different perspective, like a different ship...
  7. Adm_maverick

    Mission building help (WCPPascal)

    So with some advice from several of our resident tech masters I'm taking my first steps into learning mission building using the WCPPascal program. I am extremly grateful for the help thus far guys (you know who you are) but I'm concerned I'm starting to be a pest, so I'm starting this thread on...
  8. Adm_maverick

    who got what fighters?

    So I've been on contract work away from home for the last couple weeks which means being away from my main computer resources, so I've had a fair amount of time to read and process and think and in that process a couple thoughts cropped up into my mind from the later Wing Commander games...
  9. Adm_maverick

    Some help with med

    Okay, so I'm working on a project and I told about the MED tool that CIC got a hold of a few years back. It was suggested I could use this to script out cut scenes. Cool, so asked some questions, got pointed to the dev backup iso. Downloaded it, mounted it, starting searching through it. Found...
  10. Adm_maverick

    Another WCP video project

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Wish List::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Last updated: 11/28/16) Remove the Camera name at the top of the screen During the mission to...
  11. Adm_maverick

    extracting audio

    Hey all, so I'm working on a project using Wing Commander Prophacy and I'd like to extract the audio. So I figure it is stored in audio.tre. Did some reading and found the HCI made a Tre manager that can extract the files. Cool. So did some more digging found there's also an audio decompressor...
  12. Adm_maverick

    Camera name?

    Hey guys, got kind of an odd-ball request. In Wing Commander Prophecy, when ever you go to different cameras during a mission, it puts a description of what camera you are looking at at the top of the screen. Typically the name of the object like "Dralthi" or "Maniac", but some times the camera...
  13. Adm_maverick

    Would there be interest in this?

    Hey all. So I've started getting into some live streaming recently and I'm thinking about what games and material I'm going to do with it long term. Well surprise surprise, the idea of Wing Commander popped into my head. However I would need to put some time and effort in the pre-streaming side...
  14. Adm_maverick

    F-103 Excalibur Model

    Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger is one of my favorite games of all times, and I absolutely loved piloting the Excalibur fighter in the game. So this is my effort to scratch-build a large scale (about 16" long) model of it. This is going to be a long term project. So this is going to be my...
  15. Adm_maverick

    Ships for Prophecy?

    Hey all, so I was feeling Nostalgic recently and pulled out my old games and got to work loading them. Got most of them working and am playing through Prophecy presently. I remember back in the day you could use a tool called WCPedit to swap ships and even import ships from other games that...