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  1. Wojo

    RELEASE; Wing Commander Saga: Pilgrim Legacy

    A ship pack & mods for Wing Commander Saga, based of the Wing Commander Movie canon. I'm as done as I ever will be. There were so many grand plans. A custom UI (at one point half completed). Voice acting. Cinematics. A multi-campaign story leading to the Siege of Peron. As it is, the mod is...
  2. Wojo

    This looks familiar...

    Just saw this on a tv ad... sat bolt upright!
  3. Wojo

    Pilgrim Legacy WIP (lotsa images yo)

    Ok. Here's what I have so far. These are shots taken from the ship editor - they all work in-game in most respects. Obviously there is polish needed on pretty much all of them - the Rapier is about the closest to finished. They also look much less 'beaten up' in game - something about the way...
  4. Wojo

    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    Has anyone come up with, or know of, a WC CIC based Star Citizen squadron? Is anyone interested? I've noticed there are a heap of other squadrons already, and there was talk a while ago of a CIC carrier (I think the thread played around with names for the carrier, the 'Eisen' coming to the top...
  5. Wojo

    A few more 'Kilrathi-esque' details in Star Citizen... I love this. Completely under the radar for most, glaringly obvious to us. Let's begin! 'self-destruct when threatened with capture' 'Goran Horde' 'quasi-pictographic writing' 'video that appears 'overly green' ' 'metals tend to...
  6. Wojo

    RSI Vanduul concept art

    I never know if this is off-topic or not... Anyone else think the Vanduul (read: Vandal... in the classical sense) is more than a little Kilrathi-esque? The newest concept art shows some more details - feline facial features, fur, claws... by themselves hardly unreasonable for a sci-fi alien...
  7. Wojo

    RSI Pledge Thread

    So, who's planning to pledge what? Really, the only option for any of us is the 'Wingnut' option, huh? Seems pretty much aimed directly at this community... Spaceship-shaped USB flash drive? - Sold. Glossy Manual - Sold! Fold-out universe map?!? - SOLD!!! Plus the other swag.
  8. Wojo

    What the hell is this thing?

    I've seen it many times, but I don't understand it. What is "Voyagers of Space - In Human Minds" ?!?!?! It makes no sense, and it's loooooooong! Obviously a lot of time spent. What does it mean? What has it got to do with Wing Commander? Why does it read like a Madlib? SOMEBODY TELL ME...
  9. Wojo

    It's not Wing Commander

    Boooooooooooo!!! I so hoped I was wrong, but it's now beyond a shadow of a doubt a completely new IP. I'm sure a news article will appear soon, huh. But just had to quickly vent:
  10. Wojo

    Oh noes! Yous guys are been spam-a-lot'd!

    ...complete with jaw-droppingly bad spanglish and formatting nightmares! Always cracks me up.
  11. Wojo

    Another Kotaku WC article... The name says it all...
  12. Wojo

    Oh and then this:
  13. Wojo

    Sol: Exodus to be released Wednesday on Steam

    Just saw this: 8 missions? They had better be at least half an hour long each or something... I've mentioned before - these days playing Wing Commander 1 is a little like playing a mini-game - with...
  14. Wojo

    Privateer 2 article on Kotaku Just a bit of a feature about Clive Owen and his past... typically negative about Privateer 2. I LOVED the cutscenes - felt much more dramatic & moody than any other wing commander FMV... Especially loved the final...
  15. Wojo

    Tiger Claw armament

    Yes, you read the title correctly ;) In the confederation handbook (movie) it lists the Tiger Claw weaponry like thus: 22 Point Defence 8 Turreted Lasers etc. etc. So... Point defence what? More lasers? Machine guns? Throwing axes? Or do they just throw people out to punch the enemy?
  16. Wojo

    Up and coming space sim with WC roots...

    ...or so they say.
  17. Wojo

    Steltek Appearance

    Was there ever any description of Steltek physical attributes in any documentation anywhere? All we have to go on is the VDU images from privateer. Branching from this, what do you think they might have looked like? How did you imagine them looking when you encountered them in Privateer?
  18. Wojo

    Privateer 2 and Pilgrims

    Just wanting to start a random discussion... Wouldn't it be interesting to think of the whole Privateer 2/Tri-system thing as the decendants of Ivar Chu McDaniel? Would that explain the time difference, the Talon turning up, the weird navigation jumping game mechanic/hopper drive thing, all...
  19. Wojo

    Lance? Dragon? Which is it?

    I may have missed some important conversation, but I'm just wondering why the fighter all the Black Lance fly is listed in the ships database as 'Lance' not 'Dragon' ? Is there some fiction somewhere that clears this up? I'm fairly certain that within WC4 it was never called a 'Lance'...
  20. Wojo

    Pilgrim Spacecraft

    Hi all, To anyone who has read Peter Telep's novel 'Pilgrim Stars' - is there any descriptions of what kind of craft the Pilgrims might fly? I know from various sources that the Pilgrims used 'slo-ships' and there are mentions of sieges and attack/defence by pilgrim forces, but no mention of...