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  1. gevatter Lars

    WC Prophecy Music Video

    Going through some files I stumbled over this file that I had created somewhat around 2007. I don't know if I ever showed it around here but well better late then never ^_^
  2. gevatter Lars

    If someone wants to kitbash the Midway

    I just found this image from a new StarWars Amada ship that look pretty close to what the Midway looked like. If someone wants to kitbash the Midway this might be a good starting point. Cut of the longer parts at the front, a little part for the intakes in the back and you can allready see it.
  3. gevatter Lars

    Pilgrim and Kilrathi War

    I was just browsing through the Wiki and read about the Pilgrim war when I noticed that the Pilgrim war ending was basicly right before the Kilrathi war started. Is that right? Pilgrim war 2631 - 2634 Kilrathi war 2634 - 2669 Would that also be a reason why Confed wouldn't have done anything...
  4. gevatter Lars

    Dusting off the board

    Man thats a lot of dust in here...where was the light switch again? ^_^ There has been a lot of things going on at the news section of the board and I don't want to go into the details. If you want to read abuot it go there. More importent to me is that I want to try to dust of this part...
  5. gevatter Lars

    Gadfly / Störenfried

    I had this one started a very long time ago and finaly found some time to work in it again or lets better say I just extended my day a bit ^_^ Anyway here it is As you can see its based on one of Feng Zhus designs. I changed the idea behind this ship a little bit. Its no longer a...
  6. gevatter Lars

    Searching Videos

    I am searching for cutscenes or any other video material from WC1+2. I allready got the WC2 intro and a trailer from secret missions, thought its in a quite bad quality. I also got some stuff from Arena but only gameplay videos and one menu. Does Arena got an intro or any other kind of...
  7. gevatter Lars

    Prophecy music video

    I was in the mood to do something completly different from the stuff I normaly do for WC. So I have created a music video using the shortly rereleased Prophecy footage. The music is kinda hard and dark. I don't even know what this kind of music is called. Well dosn't matter here is the...
  8. gevatter Lars

    DLL missing?

    Hi I just wanted to start Standoff and I got the following problem. While the game itself seams to run fine I can't get into the option menue from the Standoff launcher. It tells me that their is a dll missing named mssdtfmt.dll. What does this dll do and where can I find it?
  9. gevatter Lars

    Lone Bhantkara carrier

    Working on the Bhantkara model for the Wing Commander Saga Mod I more or less excidential created this image. It was an interesting angle and I added a light and a random background I have found on the web and their it was. Added some effects and it was done.
  10. gevatter Lars

    Search for referance or model

    I am searching any referance (images) or better the model from this Kilrathi base If anyone got something about it I would like to know. Thanks in advance.
  11. gevatter Lars


    In todays update we have some exciting news to report. Thanks to modifications done in the SCP-Engine (some older and some newer ones) we are now finally able to make a full-blown cloacking effect like in the original WC games. The technical side requires the usage of a few simple scripts for...
  12. gevatter Lars

    News: Cutscenes and Server move

    Wing Commander Saga will feature pre-rendered cut scenes. The outro has allready been finished and the basis for the intro for the Prologue campaign is finished, and is getting some final cosmetic touches such as lighting, animated maps, and so forth. The picture below features a scene from...
  13. gevatter Lars

    problem with difficulty setting

    I got a quite strange problem. When changing the difficulty to anything different then Ace the game becomes quite unstable...or at least the Sim missions. I also got the impression that in Nightmare it was easier then Ace. Has that happend before or did you made a fix difficulty so that...
  14. gevatter Lars


    I found my old Strakha model and just put some paint on it. Nothing special and not very high on polys, but it looks good enough for now. Maybe I will do a Wallpaper with it...don't know.
  15. gevatter Lars

    Need creative suggestions

    I have digged up an old projekt of mine and I am a little bit out if creativity. So I would like to ask around if anyone has got some suggestions. My rought guide for the model is "What would the Wing Commander Movie Tigers Claw would have looked like when we take the game model as the...
  16. gevatter Lars

    New website online

    The new website has gone online and I hope you like the new design. Beside information about the project we also have a new trailer online. It could be that a new version with a little updated audio will come online and then it will be in DivX instead of MPEG2. And if you have forgoten...
  17. gevatter Lars

    X-B360 and Mac

    Just found this little article...Powermac G5s at the Show
  18. gevatter Lars

    WC3 cds to DVD possible?

    Has anyone ever tried to put WC3 to a single DVD and get it running? My cds make quite a bad sound when I put them into my cdrom so I thought about to play it from a backup but instead of putting it on 4 cds again to make a single DVD. So has anyone ever tried it and could tell me how he has...
  19. gevatter Lars

    Weapondamage question

    I just stumbled across it while browsing through the WC3 manuale...could it be that the values are a little mixed up at CIC? In the book its said that fighters shield and armor is given in cm...but the penetration of the weapons is in mm and not cm! PS: I am using the german handbook so...
  20. gevatter Lars


    For some time people asked us if we could bring some light into WC Saga..special screenshots. We allways told you that its possible but didn't showed it. Now I made some screenshots showing different lightsettings. These settings are easy to adjust so that everyone can have the amount of light...