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  1. WCblitz

    CommodoreBlitz Made A game.

    well, Been a long time since I visit Wcnews, been busy getting a AA Game design Degree.(about 6 weeks left before graduation) I want to let everyone here know I finished my first game. (RPG game) Here is a Trailer for it. and I wanted to let you also know I entered it into this years Indie...
  2. WCblitz

    Frontier Prelude to Darkness Comic Sneakpeak

    Hi, all Blitz here (Saber 3 and Lt.Hogan of Frontier), Thought I'd give you a little sneak peak of something I've been working on for a few months. A Comic based on the Frontier Prelude to Darkness film/chapters. These are sample pages and the art keeps changing so the finished comic might look...
  3. WCblitz

    New Video

    Its not WC Related But I am currently Working on A Fallout 3 mod for a Contest and made this fun Video and thought youd like to take a look at it. Non HD Version HD Version The Hd version was still in processing by You tube at the time I posted this so it Might take A while before its ready.
  4. WCblitz

    Wing Commander Music Videos and youtube

    Well, After Having them up for more then 2 years, I noticed Youtube just pulled all but one of my WC Music Videos.......They said that the songs were copy right Violations......well, I redid them with there Audio swap function on there site to switch the songs with copyright free songs(tho I...
  5. WCblitz

    WC in Fallout 3?

    I've been messing around with the Geck ( that's the games editor) and I've tried using the 3d models(meshes textures) on the CIC either threw 3ds max 2008 as well as the Geck and a few other editors but I can't seem to add new objects to the game. I can change the texture (I changed a building...
  6. WCblitz

    got a xb360...about time and want to know

    Can I join a game online game with just the demo of arena. and who's up for a game? I online most nights after 11pm. I'm still learning the wacky controls....
  7. WCblitz

    WC RPG ideas

    Hi, I am tinkering with the idea of making a WC RPG, And was wondering what To use to make it with. Which of theses do you have and or like, as this is what I have to work with. 1.Half-life 2 (would look great but I don't really know where to begin I mean I made a few maps for the old...
  8. WCblitz

    New WC Music Video

    Hi, Just a note to let you know I've posted a new WC Music Video on my You Tube page. This one is Called "Wing Commander What I've Done" Feel free to check out this new one as well as the other 3 WC Video I have made. Also if your a fan I have also made a few Guild Wars Related Videos...