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  1. sgupta

    System Shock Remastered!

    Heya all! Been a bit. =) I figured in case some people don't know about it, System Shock, another Origin game (and along with Wing Commander and Deus Ex, tied as my favorite game of all time) is being remastered and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign...
  2. sgupta

    Trippy Wing Commander II Special Operations 1 Character Mixup Bug?

    Hey all, Encountered a pretty trippy bug that I can't quite explain. It's near the end of Special Operations 1 (winning path - Mission 15) for Wing Commander II. It's a scene with Thrakhath, Blair, and Paladin, and for whatever reason, where Thrakhath should be speaking, the first time...
  3. sgupta

    Wing Commander III "When Harry Met Sally" Audio Goof Location?

    Hey all, George Oldziey's WC3 Wing Commander Orchestral Music Kickstarter had a really entertaining story about a scene in Wing Commander 3 that has some inadvertent audio in it. See:
  4. sgupta

    Wing Commander II Weirdness Around Mission 11 - Mysterious Deaths/Missing Ships

    So this has to do with WC2 Mission 11. It's a Rapier mission with Hobbes. Concordia comes under attack, I'm to protect it, rendezvous with a couple of Broadswords protecting a Clydesdale Minesweeper, then attack a small Strike Group, and finally head to a space station. All's well and good...
  5. sgupta

    Probably a dumb question - WC2 Helmet - Blurred word?

    So I've wondered this since starting WC2, and it's probably just my imagination, but... The helmets in WC2...the yellow blurry stripe at the top. What is it? It almost looks like a blurred word to me...and it looks lower res than the rest of the image. Am I just crazy or something? =oP
  6. sgupta

    Wing Commander II - Crash A22 to DOS prompt?

    Hey all, I've gotten this twice now, and I'm not sure why. Wing Commander II is playing really great for me in general in native DOS, but every once in a while, after completing a mission, upon trying to land (Request Clearance works fine, complete with authorization...then I approach the...
  7. sgupta

    Wing Commander II Proper Speed Consensus?

    Hey all, So finally got my other issues sorted out and am ready to play Wing Commander 2 on DOS using SlowDOS (as it's a Pentium rig). I'm trying to decide between two different levels of delay that both seem acceptable. 31 (more delay) seems to play generally really well. Cutscenes seem...
  8. sgupta

    WC2 Native DOS Sound Blaster Pro Problems (And Speed Question)

    Hey all, So just finished WC1 (plus SM1 and SM2) and now I'm ready for Wing Commander 2. I've sort of got it working, but I'm having some sound issues and wondering if anyone has any ideas. This is on an actual DOS rig (Pentium being slowed down with SLOWDOS) with a genuine Sound Blaster Pro...
  9. sgupta

    WC1 SM2 Mission 15 (Next To Last Mission) - Maniac was amazing =oP

    Just thought this was funny. I've read lots of things dreading the last couple mission in SM2 because Maniac is described as "useless" and known to die immediately... So first mission in Charon (next to last I believe), very first playthrough, and I'm to hit some Nav points and destroy all...
  10. sgupta

    WC1 SM2: Firekka 4 (Re: Bossman [Spoiler if you haven't played])

    So just a quick random question about Bossman's demise: Just finished WC1 SM2: Firekka 4 (protect two Exeters that jump out). Protected both, 14 kills, Knight got 1. Mission passed and I'm told Bossman got killed on Angel's wing. No bronze, but that's fine (think I needed that 1 kill I...
  11. sgupta

    WC1: SM2 - Firekka 2 - Win without being balled out?

    Hey all, Quick question for you veterans. I'm on earliest part of SM2, Firekka 2, which is a mission to look for a convoy. You're supposed to find them, get close enough to target them (for your cams), and then fly on back to the Claw, with the specific orders DO NOT ENGAGE (with the...
  12. sgupta

    My WC1 SM1 mission got everyone killed...! Funeral Bug w/ Video!

    So I'm playing Wing Commander 1; finished the main campaign, and I'm on Secret Missions 1, Mission 9. It's a bear of a mission. My wingman (Spirit) died, so I decided to eject to get to a replay quicker. It started the funeral cutscene (attending), so I decided to watch since I hadn't seen...
  13. sgupta

    Wing Commander 1 - Briefing Timestamp Question

    Hey all - this is sort of technical, but somewhat general as well, so I'm putting it in the general forum. Mods feel free to move it if you feel it should be in Technical Support, though it's not technically a real "problem". Just curious if anyone knows the answer to this. I'm playing Wing...