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    Repair Systems in WC 2 and WC 1... Can I control it?

    Is it possible to control the repair systems in WC1 and WC2 fighters? Sometimes I fly with a heavily damaged plane for many minutes, and sometimes the shields and other things get repaired really fast. Is there any way to control this, or is it random? What about the Acc Absobers, is it any...
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    Anybody else hates the Sabre?

    I just started playing WCKS again (in fact I haven't postet here for several years :), nor did I play Wing Commander for years, but I love it more than ever), and arrived in the last mission of SO1 after winning WC1, SM, SM2, WC2... I play this mission where you are 4 people to take out 2...
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    New Armor mentioned in WC3

    Hello everybody, first of all I would say hello to everybody after I have been away from this forum for several mounths due to my exam (Abitur in German) which needed my attention (it was ok). So I do not know so much about the forum anymore, if there has occurred something special I should...
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    Quadrant / Sector designation

    When playing Wing Commander, you see that a quadrant is smaller than a sector, a sector thus including four quadrants. In Star Trek, the milky way is divided into four quadrants, which include several sectors. Does anybody know how the milky way is classified in reality, do quadrants and...
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    Drinks in the Wing Commander Universe

    Do you have any information regarding what people liked to drink in the Wing Commander Universe? I mean did beer still exist and if so, has it been mentioned which sorts of beer (for example Carlsberg, Tuborg, Becks or something like that?) What else do people drink, are things like Coca Cola...
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    Death punishment in the WC-universe

    I always wondered why there is still Death punishment in the Wing Commander Universe. Well certainly it is wartime, but even today, no industrial country with the exeption of the US has Death punishment anymore, so why was that never changed? I personally found it absolutely inacceptable that...
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    Easter Eggs in WC games

    This might have been discussed before, but I just want to know whether there have been hidden Easter Eggs or Jokes in WC games or Privateer (apart from the end when talking to Admiral Terell) Do such things exist?
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    Communication officers in Wing Commander

    After having played almost all WC games available I have always noticed the different Communication officers that were talking to you. I'd like to know whom you liked and whom you hated. Heres my list I liked Sosa. She was very nice over the comm. The comm officer of WC2... she was...
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    Privateer in Windows ME

    Does anybody know if there is any way to run Privateer 1 under Windows ME? I tried everything but couldn't get it, it always writes that ME lacks the MS Dos mode. Does this mean that there is no way to run it? Michael
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    A few questions about the ranks here at the CIC

    Well after having followed these discussions a few time, I have discovered that there are a few people have special signs/ranks for having done special things for the community etc. I understand the ranking system of the board and that Space Marshals are Sysops (like KrisV) But what are...
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    Gold/Silver/Bronze Stars

    Everybody knows the great classic Hangar Deck sceremonies of WC1, when you were awarded the Bronze/Silver/Gold star. I always found this to be the thing that made WC1 THAT special, it was one of the most important things in the game. Why were these features never implemented in the other...
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    Pilot conversion in WC1

    I've a question about my pilot in WC1. Is it possible to convert your pilot, after you have completed the last mission in Venice? I mean, could one start in SM1 with the Pewter planet received in the last WC mission?
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    Cats at home

    I am a bit curious about if someone here has any animals at home. I have a cat, and I love it (really!!!). It is very stupid, but also very nice. One night, it was outside the house and was waiting at the window of my room. At 4 am it started to cry to wake me up (which I DID NOT like...) Well...
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    Guns in WCP

    I am interested in hearing which guns you all were using in WCP. Normally, I always used Full Guns (in all WC games), however, on the Wasp, Shrike and Tigershark, I always used the Charging Mass. The Charging Mass and Plasma Gun were my favourite weapons. I was VERY angry that it was left out in...
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    Sound in space

    As a lot of you are quite good in explaining WC Physics, here's the next challenge: How could one hear the enemy firing at you or each other? In the vacuum, no sound can be heard at all. Could it be that the helmet of the pilot includes a sound generator that emulates a noise when someone fires...
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    Promotions in the WC Universe

    Anyone who played WC1 knows how fast you were advancing from 2nd LT to Lt.Col in just one year. Well of course, this seems to be MUCH too fast. But is there any realistic rule in the WC universe in how to become promoted? In the German Army, for example, you have to be Leutnant for a certain...
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    Hobbes scene

    I just found the Hobbes scene on WCNEWS, so now I finally know what happened to him. I just don t understand why my German WC3 PC version doesnt include it. Is there any reason why such important scenes were cut out from the WC3 PC Version? Was that due to space restrictions?
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    Difference between Neutral and Friendly in Priv1

    I have just played a bit of Privateer 1 and got from neutral to friendly with almost all groups (apart from kilrathi, pirates and retros) I just have a question about the terms Neutral and Friendly. Of course, the comm messages are different in these two cases, but is there any other...
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    Read This!!!

    It could be an April joke, but unfortunately it sounds quite realistic, and look at the date...
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    Distance between NAV points

    After I've played Wing 1-5, I am a bit confused about the distances between Nav points of the games. While Wing 1,2 and privateer measure the distance from one Nav Point to be from 50000-100000 klicks (that means it takes approx 5-10 mins to get there, which is reasonable), the distances are...