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    Engineering CAD

    Folks, Can any of the WC models be exported to something an engineering program (SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, etc) would recognize? I'd love to get my hands on something I could play with myself in my spare time without starting from scratch. I can use step (.step), vector (.x_t), parasolid...
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    Submarines: Did WC miss the "boat"?

    Since WC models many aspects of WWII combat in space, it would seem logical there would be a submarine equivalent. It would likely fit best into the earlier years of the war before the Strakha (which fits better as an F-117 equivalent, just ahead of its corresponding technological time in the...
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    Apple demoed an intriguing looking game on iPhone...

    Tilt to steer, touch to fire. I wouldn't mind controls like that for a new console WC... Or, iPhone WC for that matter!
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    Your chance to own Thor's hammer...

    Not quite as impressive as the ex KIS Karga, methinks... Probably more expensive, too.