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    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    So I've just won Wing Commander 4 (original DOS, 6 CDs version) on Nightmare with the mouse, and it was quite an experience. I used every dirty trick in the book in order to win (without outright cheating), and managed to win every single mission I played through. I haven't played all of the...
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    Blackmane Losing path missions

    Hi everybody! So, I was replaying the GOG version of Wing Commander 3, and I decided to let the Kilrathi warheads reach Locanda IV (I used autopilot to fly straight back to the Victory after destroying the enemy ships but not the warheads) so that I could play the alternate versions of the...
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    Fight against Seether - music bug

    So, after speaking to the GOG team, it became obvious that the DOS version of WC4 that you can download on Good Old Games does not work. Therefore, I bought another copy on eBay, and this one works great with a few DosBox tweaks. However, I did run into a strange bug that doesn't seem to occur...
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    WC4 DOS version

    Hi guys! So I was playing the GOG DOS version of Wing Commander 4, and I got to the part where you have to "insert" the second CD. Since the full version is supposed to be installed on my hard drive, I just pressed enter, and then I got a read error. Pressing Ctrl + F4 to try to swap CDs does...
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    WC games you own/have played/have finished

    As the title suggests, I was wondering which WC games you own, and which ones you've finished. As for me : WC1, SM1, SM2 : I have both the DOS version, and the KS version, which I downloaded from the CIC. I have seen all of the endings and completed most missions (I believe I still need to...
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    WC4 game over quotes

    I used both Google and this forum's search feature to find a list like this one, but I found nothing. So I decided to make one instead. Here's a list of the various game over messages you can get when you get killed in WC4. Please let me know if I missed any! Are you an earthworm or an eagle...
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    Inverting the mouse in WC games that you play within DOSBox

    Today, I happened to stumble upon a DOSBox thread which I thought might help some Wing Commander players. As we know, in most WC games, the mouse is not inverted, but in WC Privateer, its Y axis is inverted - this can be a problem when, say, you've just played WC1 and you have to get used to...
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    Privateer/RF reputation

    I've been looking for something like this for a long time and never managed to find it, so I made it myself.:p So, for those interested, here's what happens to your reputation points for each faction every time you destroy a ship. You start with 0 reputation points with the Merchants, Hunters...
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    More fun facts about WC4

    Because today is my birthday, and I decided to replay WC4 yet again. -I told y'all some time ago that the Vesuvius scramble mission had you fly a Banshee if you went to Speradon, and a Dragon if you went to Circe. Apparently, that's not entirely true. You fly a Banshee if you won the "leech...
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    Hero difficulty + three bugs

    ...So, after Dundradal told me about Hero difficulty making your wingmen much smarter, I actually decided to try it, and I replayed the losing missions in Episode 1. And I won the pirate base mission after going through through the losing missions. Your wingmen really are much smarter, and...
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    Prophecy question

    As some of you know, I bought Prophecy from Starvector a while ago, but it turned out that unlike advertised, Starvector *didn't* have any copies of Prophecy in stock, so now I have to buy it for real. I know my father would like to see Prophecy's cutscenes, but he doesn't speak English, so...
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    Messing with WC2

    I've been experimenting with WC2 these last few evenings... Basically, I'm mostly trying to figure out the AI's general behavior. I've found a few interesting things so far. 1) After experimenting a bit like I did, players will easily notice that enemies react very differently depending on...
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    Lil' Easter Egg

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before... In Ep.1's pirate base mission, activate debug mode (type shoehorn while holding shift), use Ctrl-F12 to destroy the Base's Hangar, and see what happens. :D Interestingly enough, I don't think it's possible to trigger this without cheating.
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    Stupid Armada question

    Where do you actually enter the command line you're given at the end of a gauntlet mission? :D
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    Gauntlet missions

    I have to ask... Are those gauntlet missions meant to be unbeatable? (I'd be pretty impressed if someone managed to beat them - especially the Border Worlds gauntlet.)
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    WC1 "semi-hidden" scene

    In Venice 3, go to Nav 1 and clear it, then immediately set course for the Tiger's Claw, autopilot, land, and face the wrath of a very pissed Colonel Halcyon. :p (Thanks to the author of WCSAV for pointing this out.)
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    Ep.3 Minelaying mission

    Currently replaying Standoff on Ace... I have to ask, what was the point behind making the minelaying mission so impossibly difficult? Forcing the player to play the Sao Paulo mission? In any event, I think the difficulty should have been lowered a little (hey, you keep asking for negative...
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    Standoff Dialogue Script

    I've started writing the Standoff dialogue script (ala Wedge). However, since I've just realized it is quite a bit of work, I have to ask - would anyone actually be interested in seeing said script? :D
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    Weird facts I noticed in WC4

    1) Pliers' super Ship Enhancement Idea in Speradon apparently only adds one torpedo/mace to the Vindicator. That's all it does. 2) In some versions, it is apparently possible to destroy Ella without using the Flash-Pak. In other versions, you can damage Ella's armor and shields but you can't...
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    Minx and Jazz...

    Just wondering... In a SO2 losing path cutscene, Minx and Jazz are having an argument over who should be rewarded, and shortly after they almost seem to be flirting with each other. As far as I know Jazz isn't too fond of Minx, and Minx has no reason to like Jazz at all... So why are they...